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  1. skyrimmasterfuger
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    I tried it out following the instructions and it appears to remain red menace so far except showing the doom logo in the beginning
    1. xmetalx59x
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      Same here :/
    2. Mechwarrior94
      • member
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      Didn't read I guess? He clearly states it is work in progress and should be replacing Red Menace. Plus the fact that he mentions of being a first time modder in this you can make the assumption that it will take a lot more time. Just saying...
    3. xmetalx59x
      • member
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      That's not what was implied .-.
    4. craeteeee
      • supporter
      • 49 posts
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      Why upload it if the mod isn't even working? Just saying...
    5. NanoPirate
      • member
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      He has not even figured a way to implement a new game in the pip-boy. So yeah.
    6. Tefle Huden
      Tefle Huden
      • premium
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      So the creator wants to violate copyright laws and redistribute this freely? I'm just trying to understand because that's what the intent seems to be.
    7. thevi0lat0r
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      Just read this:


      The source code was released by the developers, who gave their blessing to have the game ported
      to anything and everything possible. It is completely legal to distribute the original shareware
      (demo) .WAD with it if an author so chooses, as free distribution was the original point of shareware.

      In order to play the full game, one would have to substitute a .WAD file from a copy of the game that
      they themselves purchased.

      Absolutely no laws or licenses are being broken here. Now do you understand?
    8. playerlin
      • member
      • 172 posts
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      @ thevi0lat0r : Please use doomwiki.org if you're try to link DooM wiki, not that outdated wikia shit.


      You can check this page for reasons why the wikia one was not recommend and became outdated...

    9. thevi0lat0r
      • supporter
      • 4 posts
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      Post updated to reflect this. Thanks for the heads-up.
    10. uwukirb
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      five whole years... no progress huh?
  2. fishslapburger
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    This is just a troll, i wanted to see project brutality on fallout 4 but just got a "welcome to your doom" so that sucks.
    jokes on me i guess.
  3. CRdog400
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    where do i drop my wad file im dumb apparently 
  4. falloutismyfriend
    • member
    • 154 posts
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    h doom???
    or am i stupid and it wouldnt work
  5. CobbleSansPyro
    • member
    • 284 posts
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    So where do i dump the .WAD files? or can i just dump a renamed doom.swf in the mod folder?

    EDIT: the swf file does work but i can''t get past the play screen. probs cuz i need to click play.
    here is the link. it will say it's a danger but i scanned it with my virus detector and it's safe. http://swf-portal.weebly.com/doom.html
  6. abababaa
    • member
    • 61 posts
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    taking can it run doom to a whole new level
  7. mateon4
    • member
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    Doesn't even work, just replaces the title screen from what I've noticed. He says you have to have WADs but doesn't even explain what to do with them.
  8. Whensmahvel2013
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    How do I put my copy of the game in? I own it all so im confused
  9. SirDanest
    • member
    • 826 posts
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    So if this can really work, why haven't we seen many more games like this for the pipboy? I've asked on various sites about how to add more pipboy games and so have many others, but the general consensus seems to be that it's almost impossible or incredibly difficult -- but this doesn't seem like it was that complex. Is there info somewhere on how to do it? Why would doom, specifically and apparently uniquely, run on the pipboy but not so many other games?
    1. savagegreywolf
      • member
      • 170 posts
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      because Doom has been open source for ages and ages and ages and it's been ported to everything imaginable- and most importantly in this instance, to Flash. Pipboy games are Autodesk Scaleform programs. Scaleform is Autodesk's implementation of Flash for ingame applications.
      There have been more Pipboy games, but the reason they're rare is that it's essentially requiring you to code an entire game in Flash from scratch. And even then you have to be sure you aren't bumping up against Scaleform's limitations- it doesn't implement ALL of the Flash API, just MOST of it.
  10. ToroMontana
    • supporter
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    One day we will play Fallout 4 on Fallout 10's Pip-Boy.
    1. CapitanOfThePrydwen
      • member
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      one day we are going to play real life on a pip-boy
    2. ConvictJ96
      • premium
      • 72 posts
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      If we know the world is ending and we can port fallout 4 to a smart phone, then we're basically already doing this. lmao