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  1. CobbleSansPyro
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    So where do i dump the .WAD files? or can i just dump a renamed doom.swf in the mod folder?

    EDIT: the swf file does work but i can''t get past the play screen. probs cuz i need to click play.
    here is the link. it will say it's a danger but i scanned it with my virus detector and it's safe. http://swf-portal.weebly.com/doom.html
  2. abababaa
    • member
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    taking can it run doom to a whole new level
  3. mateon4
    • member
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    Doesn't even work, just replaces the title screen from what I've noticed. He says you have to have WADs but doesn't even explain what to do with them.
  4. Whensmahvel2013
    • premium
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    How do I put my copy of the game in? I own it all so im confused
  5. SirDanest
    • member
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    So if this can really work, why haven't we seen many more games like this for the pipboy? I've asked on various sites about how to add more pipboy games and so have many others, but the general consensus seems to be that it's almost impossible or incredibly difficult -- but this doesn't seem like it was that complex. Is there info somewhere on how to do it? Why would doom, specifically and apparently uniquely, run on the pipboy but not so many other games?
    1. savagegreywolf
      • member
      • 102 posts
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      because Doom has been open source for ages and ages and ages and it's been ported to everything imaginable- and most importantly in this instance, to Flash. Pipboy games are Autodesk Scaleform programs. Scaleform is Autodesk's implementation of Flash for ingame applications.
      There have been more Pipboy games, but the reason they're rare is that it's essentially requiring you to code an entire game in Flash from scratch. And even then you have to be sure you aren't bumping up against Scaleform's limitations- it doesn't implement ALL of the Flash API, just MOST of it.
  6. ToroMontana
    • supporter
    • 730 posts
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    One day we will play Fallout 4 on Fallout 10's Pip-Boy.
    1. CapitanOfThePrydwen
      • member
      • 67 posts
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      one day we are going to play real life on a pip-boy
    2. ConvictJ96
      • premium
      • 69 posts
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      If we know the world is ending and we can port fallout 4 to a smart phone, then we're basically already doing this. lmao
  7. isaachipkiss
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    I don't have sResourceDataDirsFinal in my ini!!
  8. kyler219
    • member
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    can i add the full game
  9. XannahDeux
    • member
    • 1,163 posts
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    Zelda.... ZELDA!!
    It would be nice, anyhow.
    1. DepriverOfSouls
      • member
      • 107 posts
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      @XannahDeux That would be sick to have like...."Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" as a holotape game xD. Then again, "Links Awakening" may work since it was on the original Gameboy (Brick).
  10. SirDanest
    • member
    • 808 posts
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    Why are there so many endorsements on this? I thought it was a non-functioning file? Has someone gotten it working then?
    1. Yalkin33
      • member
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      You need the original Doom game. Mod author wont put the game on nexus. YOU NEED THE GAME
    2. datastealer
      • member
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      Pff, as is was too hard download the game from practically everywhere.
    3. IsaacClarkeGiantDad
      • member
      • 16 posts
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      I need halp, how do you make this actually work? I just see a cacodemon instead of the red menace...