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Add a new craftable power armor frame.

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Description :
This is a new power armor frame that look like a deathclaw. It's fairly simple so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods. I made this mod because of this picture : 

Instruction :
- 1 - Craft the Deathclaw Frame Ring at the chemistry station, and equip it.
- 2 - Craft the new power armor frame, you can find it in the first menu of the workshop.
- 3 - Just enter the PA frame.

Know Issue :
"Any armor/clothing items that use any variation of the "UsePowerArmorFrame..." keyword causes the DC PA to revert back to the base frame. Unequipping any pieces using those keywords lets it display the DC skin for the PA frame. Even the vanilla Vault 111 vaultsuit causes this behaviour."
Thanks to Kaine for this info.

Credits :