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Basically makes your turrets invulnerable and not require power/wire to function

Permissions and credits

If you liked and have endorsed this mod page just because of invulnerable versions of custom turrets (modded turrets from other authors I have credited below on my page) please also consider sending them an endorsement!

Without them, invulnerable versions of these custom turrets wouldn't have existed. I can only ask the original authors for permission to post invulnerable versions of their turret mods.

I have gotten sick of my turrets constantly needing repairs/getting wrecked all the time. So I just added invulnerable flag to the turrets and I have tested this with multiple groups legendary Mythic Deathclaws with a small number of turrets (strongest ones I know of at the time of making this mod) as a group of them can fuck a small group of turrets really good. The modded turrets weren't affected/harmed at all, and took care of these Deathclaws. I decided to contribute this mod to the community after finding out no one before me had submitted any mods that had affected the durability of the workshop turrets.

NOTE: This DOES not affect enemy turrets. ALL workshop turrets ARE invulnerable, meaning they ARE immune to any and all forms of damage.

Note: I have a feeling these invulnerable turrets will still be broken, if you cannot help defend a settlement when it's attacked, so you'll still have to fix them regardless. I am not too sure about that though.

Installation instructions:
Either with mod managers (like this one) or just an NMM mod manager. Doesn't matter, as this is just an ESP file.

NOTE: Please pay special attention to the short descriptions in the download page before you download any of the invulnerable versions of the custom turrets. If they say OVERRIDE, then that means they're override mods and will require original mod. If they say Standalone/NOT AN OVERRIDE then that means they're standalone and does not require the original mod.

Before I made this mod, I was using Draco856's no power requirement turret mod. I took a peek in his ESP file and saw he took out "PowerRequired" in PRPS - Properties section, and "WorkshopCanBePowered" and "WorkshopPowerConnection" in KWDA - Keywords section, which enabled the turrets to work without power. I checked ACBS - Configuration section, and then right clicked on essential and clicked on edit. I checked in invulnerable which is located at the bottom of the list of ACBS flags and then exited FO4edit and saved it. I've tested this many times and they all worked.

I only have the VANILLA DEF/no power required version on Bethesda.net

Credit to:
Draco856 - For making this mod and permission to post the edited ESP file I made off his mod
SingABrightSong - for his workshop plasma turret mod. He gave me permission to post an edited version of his Workshop Plasma Turrets mod
x_hiro11 - for his Turret Ball mod. He granted me a permission to post the cheat versions of his mod.
ccmads - for his Advanced Settlement Turret Set modSelectable Mark I-VII Machinegun turret mod and Advanced Bubble Turret Set. He gave me a permission to post the cheat versions of his mods.
strikor - for his MOAR turrets mod. He gave me a permission to post the cheat versions of his mod.
Bethesda - For making this game
Disclaimer: Yes, deathclaws and multiple raiders in their dozens were harmed in the making of this mod.