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  1. seraphael
    • member
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    Looking fantastic! A bit weird your "vanilla" textures require DLC/have masters.
    1. angryglock
      • premium
      • 1,695 posts
      • 77 kudos
      You can remove the unused masters. It's should be just an empty esp (flagged as an esl) with Fallout4.esm only. If you don't want to edit it you can just download some other esp flagged as an esl that is correctly set to the right master, rename it to match this one and replace it. Empty esp/esl files are not mod specific they just allow the loading of the bsa files so only the file name matters.
  2. simon002
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Thank you for making all these texture upgrades!!! I always thought Fallout 4 was very difficult to "look at". It puts a lot of work on the eyes. Giving headaches because it is hard to actually see details. Hard to spot items. Your upgrades solves this issue. Everyone should use these upgrades. It makes a huge difference.
    Edit: For anyone interested in making the game even more pleasing to the eyes check out this short and easy reshade tutorial (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXTWwSv0Q84
  3. Head2209
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    Hi. Have a question. All mods are performance friendly boost fps or decrees fps?
  4. mcleod777
    • premium
    • 158 posts
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    Hi SavrenX,

    I have a mid quality gaming computer running AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 core processor 3.85Ghz, 32GB Ram with GeForce GTX 1060 5GB VRAM. I want to get the most out of my rig so I'm looking for best trade-off between performance and texture quality for my 255 mod combat/quest playthrough. I have been using flaccon and vivid among other HD textures for many items in Fallout.


    Edited: Nevermind, I got my answers by reading ALL of your description pages for all of your mods. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an artist (Trapped in a thank-less Fallout 4 world) :)

  5. OkamiWlf
    • member
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    The game looks a little too saturated with these textures. Is there a way to lower the color just a tad?
    1. Gogogo123
      • supporter
      • 56 posts
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      You could try an ENB that does the opposite, or you could use NAC's in-game customization options. Other than that, you could probably also just adjust saturation via your monitor. It really comes down to taste, though. I, for one enjoy the more saturated look. It's been a couple years since the bombs fell, after all. This isn't "The Road".
      Hope you find a setting that makes you happy :)
  6. Maniac3020
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    Does this change anything with the distance LODs?
  7. DrunkScout
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Hi SavrenX,
    First thank you for your mods. I have and am using almost all of your texture packs. They are amazing!

    My question: I'm using your mods while playing FO4 VR. I was wondering if your textures broke the precombines or not? I don't think they do but I'm new to this and was hoping I could get an answer from the person who made them. Thank you again for your hard work. It is much appreciated.
    1. Paedric
      • member
      • 215 posts
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      Textures are just that, textures. They wouldn't affect precombines. If you're having issues with broken precombines, you'll likely need to look at any scrapping mods you might have installed that allow you to scrap anything and everything, or any other mod that affects the mesh (.nif) files.
  8. PegasusKoga
    • supporter
    • 747 posts
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    Apologies for being off-topic but are you still planning on releasing your male child face textures?

    Because i'm getting a little tired of looking at kids who look like they got kicked out of the Glowing Sea for being too repulsive.

    (And i wish i had never taken a look at the vanilla texture in Gimp myself, just.. yikes!).
  9. 3ickeyC
    • member
    • 36 posts
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    Hi SavernX,

    I have been trying to install this texture pack but found it has DLC masters I do not have. If I extract your textures to loose files will this work ok too ?

    Also are these textures better optimised than the default Ultra textures ?

    Thanks ! Sorry for the English questions ! And thank you for the awesome work !

    1. SavrenX
      • premium
      • 622 posts
      • 1,092 kudos
      Yes loose files will work well too. Usually i use this as loose too because I'm using ssd. I don't have problem about loading speed.
    2. 3ickeyC
      • member
      • 36 posts
      • 2 kudos
      Thanks !
      Really fantastic work, textures look amazing !
  10. Meyzieu
    • premium
    • 501 posts
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    Nice textures!