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New Version! Some furnitures in various rooms have been moved to fit better with left or right entry rooms in city plans. If you see floating suitcases or other glitches, please try Refresh Plot. If that doesn't help, please leave a comment.

Lightly themed, wastelandy Sim Settlements plots in between the more wild wastelandy add-on packs

Permissions and credits

New Interior Residential Plots: 12
New Interior Recreational Plot: 1

Building Features
Settler Navigation: N/A*
Construction Stages: N/A
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: No
* Interior plots use existing navmesh from the floor the plots are built on. No navcut yet, some settlers may run into furnitures.

This add-on pack aims to improve the variety of some Sim Settlement plot types that are less well covered by other add-on packs. The plots use mostly vanilla/DLC post-war assets, and follow the aesthetics of the built-in plots in Sim Settlements.

Interior homes:

Single Room
Bed comes before TV. Single bedroom with a TV at level 3.

Joey does not share food! Bedroom with a kitchenette.

No peeking. Bedroom with an en-suite toilet.

Double Room
There's a double bed! What else do you need? Bedroom with a double bed.

The Federalist
For those with a taste for authentic antiques. Bedroom with Federalist furniture.

The Modern Domestic
Modern, affordable home decor. Bedroom with Modern Domestic furniture.

Warehouse Living
Took what I could from Hardware Town. Bedroom with makeshift furniture.

Hotel-style interior rooms, best entered from sides:

Twin Room
This spacious room offers best value for your budget!

Superior Room
This air-conditioned room features work desk, a computer, and a complimentary customizable alarm clock.

Deluxe Room
This spectacular room is furnished to the very highest standard. The exclusive choice for the discernible gentlemen!

Executive Room
Elegant room for busy leaders and dignitaries. Amenities include en-suite toilet, work space, and a computer.

Presidential Suite

The most exclusive room in the Commonwealth. Comprises a bedroom (interior residential plot) and a living room (interior recreational plot).

All Glory to His Majesty King Gath of Sim Settlements!

Includes clean bathtub mesh / texture from Ceramic bathroom fixtures (sink - toilet - bathtub)