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This is a simple mod makes Idiot Savant perk upside down.
Means smarter you are better hit chance.
Including option that works with Luck instead of INT.

Its proper EXP bonus mod for 2nd, 3rd new game play on DLC.

Permissions and credits
Please enjoy this simple mod.



Have you ever feel like that Idiot Savant perk prevent using intelligence lists like "Science" or "Hacking" sometime?
Is there anyone who little tired 2nd, 3rd new game play leveling and need some exp boosts?
Or do you wish to be "Raging Nerd" but need "Idiot Savant" too?

Its completely made for you.

This mod change percentage of Idiot Savant Perk completely opposite.
Hit chance of Idiot Savant is minimized in player intelligence 1 to 1 %(basic lowest value of vanilla) and maximized at 10 to 10%.
However, if you got greater value than 10 that made with Bobblehead or SPECIAL book, chances grow up to 15%.

This highest value made by calculation from vanilla.
Original Idiot Savant perk minimized till 0.5%. I guess this conclusion made by equation likes "x = y+(-1/2)y".
So, I set the highest value, chances got 10+(10-5) = 15% at maximum.(Don't seriously check this sentence. yeah.)
this percentage made my own but quite appropriate.

Genius Game perk effect has got from Fallout 1's "Swift Learner" perk image.
Maybe someone missed this boy who could recognize.

Lucky You perk is combined with "Fortune Finder" Rank4 animation and small word art.


Optional Lucky You perk version:
Added that works with Luck instead of your Intelligence. 
Percentage of chances same with Genius Game perk.
Thank you bookwyrm12.



This mod has FOMOD support.
installation with NMM is highly recommended.

if not, just copy & paste mod files to your fallout4/data folder.


Its very simple mod.
Only esp data file has widely compatibility.
But changing "Sound" or "Effect Image" maybe incompatible with other "Idiot Savant" perk mods.

Other case, set this mod to undermost in mod order. probably has no problem.