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A simple Realistic Reshade preset.

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Well Bethesda added more color, and as always they over did it a bit, thankfully the art direction in the game is amazing as always, this is my attempt to done down and re-balance the colors a bit to suit my preferred more realistic aesthetic. There are 3 versions, each with its own mood.

Stuff Used:
* Reinhard Linear tone Mapping
* Subtle distant DoF (To hide the LOD)
* Subtle CA
* Subtle Sharpening
* Curves

Think the game looks pretty good without any major adjustments unlike the Green/Orange toned mess that were FO3/NV


* Download Reshade Framework 1.0.0 from here (NOT 1.1.0)
* Extract and drop all files in your Fallout 4 folder (where the .exe is)
* Rename Reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll
* Download my cfg files
* Extract, select one preset, and copy all the files to the Fallout4\Reshade\ folder.
* OPTIONAL files include DDoF and AO which I don't feel work well enough with Fallout 4 atm but you can give them a try. (WARNING: AO has a MASSIVE performance hit atm)

NOTE: 1.1.0 files from the Reshade Official Website will work too but the DoF will be messed up; so you will have to manually change USE_DEPTHOFFIELD=1 to USE_DEPTHOFFIELD=0 in MCFX.cfg (in the reshade folder); newer Reshade DoF versions are causing some flickering that I find annoying.  

A big shout out to the guys over at the Reshade team for bringing us these AMAZING shaders :)

Comparision (ON/OFF) images of this preset can be found here

Screens Below (Clicky for full sizes)





Zoners High-Performance ENB
Zoners High-Performance ENB 2_0
Zoners Sky-Real ENB 
Zoners RL and Imaginator Settings 
Solitide Capital City Overhaul 

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The ENB of the Apocalyspe

Fallout New Vegas
The ENB of the Apocalyspe - New Vegas

Fallout 4
Zoners Reshade

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