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This mod adds respawning to the game through the use of a "dream-room." Instead of dying, you go unconscious. While unconscious, you dream of a room which offers you two solutions: Accept Death or Wake Up. Accepting death kills the player and reloads the most recent save. Waking up respawns the player at the nearest bed.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Awakened.

Awakened adds a willful respawning mechanic, kill counter, killstreak announcer from Unreal Tournament (optional), and death counter to the game. Unlike other respawn mods, you have the option to either respawn or die and reload.

With Awakened active, instead of dying, the player will go unconscious. While unconscious, the player enters a dream of a room which offers two solutions: Accept Death or Wake Up. Accepting death kills the player and reloads the most recent save. Waking up respawns the player at the nearest bed. Upon respawning, evidence of assistance will be provided. 

The bottom line is that I was tired of my game crashing on reload after deaths because I uninstalled a mod or loaded a console save. This mod mitigates that problem in an immersive way. It also makes dying a lot more bearable, so this mod is great for Warlike (because you will die a lot with high spawn settings).

To activate the mod, open the *Awakened* [Settings Holotape] holotape and click "Activate Awakened." If you do not get the holotape automatically, you can craft one at a chem station under the utility category.

Using the Dream Room
In order to accept death, walk up to the tombstone and activate it.

In order to wake up, walk up to the door, look near where the doorknob is, and you should receive an activation prompt. Activate it.

In order to quick save while in the dream room, activate the window in the side room of the Dream Room. 

: If you decide to use this mod alongside Warlike, you will need to re-activate DLC from the Warlike settings. Just go into the Warlike settings in the Warlike Main Menu holotape and click "Activate DLC Features and Fallout 4-76 Allowance."

Uninstallation: Do NOT uninstall this mod without deactivating it first from the holotape menu. If you don't deactivate it first, your character will be stuck as essential until you reinstall the mod, activate it from the holotape, and then deactivate it. Deactivating the mod removes the player's essential flag.


Ver 1.1
-Fixed a bug where deactivating the mod through the holotape didn't work.
-Fixed an issue where Stimpaks heal radiation for the player by changing the essential flag to a protected flag.
-The player will now permanently die if he/she kills himself with grenades or other explosives (this is a side effect of the change above).

Ver 1.2
-Added a setting which when turned on adds a Stimpak to the player's inventory upon entering the Dream. This is to prevent a constant bleeding death loop from True Bleed or Modular Damage Tweaks.

Ver 1.21
-Discouraged abusing the Stimpak adding system by adding damage over time to the player while inside the Dream.

Ver 1.3
-Removed some unnecessary notifications from the spawn room.
-Added in a kill counter.
-Added in a life report screen which displays how many kills you got during that life, the K.D.R for your current session, and your K.D.R for your entire Fallout 4 career. 
-Added in an optional killstreak notifications feature which sounds off Unreal Tournament killstreak announcements during killstreaks.

Ver 1.4
-Lowered the volume of killstreak announcements.
-Fixed a bug where allied kills count towards player kills.

Ver 1.45
-KDR statistics now display as proper decimals.

Ver 1.50
-Fixed a conflict with Simulated Damage.