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Immersive Settlement built with the Settlement Ambush Kit and Sim Settlements. No cameras but a monitor is placed so you can add your own cameras and alter the settlement to your liking.

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Features 11 beds and jobs at stage 3
-Scrap Store
-Gun Store

Does not generate it's own food supply, the aim for the design was to be generating scrap wood and ammunition. Fake Distress Beacon for some fun and a open fighting environment with added lighting. Robot work bench and shipping themed with the main room being the bar and sleeping area. Features a City Planners desk and a variety of interactables for settlers. Meant to be supported with supply lines and player contributions. Creates Wood & Ammunition and has all the main workbenches including the robot workbench. After more testing on my end I will make small alterations to polish it up, currently shifted around a few items that were misplaced and out of position. Blueprint still available for download for Stage 3 if you don't want a city plan.