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New Character Creation allows for many different starting character builds, including starting stats for the Husband and Wife based on their background, and Fallout 3 starting stats; and does not use batch files, save games or character leveling. Perfect for new games or recently made characters.

Permissions and credits
It seems backwards that a 19 year old kid left Vault 101 as a more capable human being than a combat veteran or professional lawyer currently leaves Vault 111. New Character Creation increases the number of SPECIAL points available during character creation and adds inherent perks to the player, and does not use batch files, character leveling or save games. Instead, New Character Creation adds the SPECIAL and perks to the appropriate game files which are already used as the basis for the player character. Even if you use the most SPECIAL and Perks from this mod possible, it will still take about 230 levels to max out SPECIAL and perks.

Each main file contains 49 SPECIAL Points and Starting Perks. Optional files allow you to configure many different SPECIAL and Perks combinations for creating multiple characters with different starting stats or background stories. You can closely simulate many Fallout 3 starting characters by using the Fallout 3 SPECIAL file with TAG files.

Main Files

The Husband and Wife Starting Stats were chosen to be relevant for their backgrounds. The Husband's background perks relate to combat experience and the Wife's background perks relate to college and courtroom experience. Both have Medic 1, Scrapper 1, Science 1 and Fortune Finder 1 as basic life skills like CPR/First Aid and looking for change in cushions. Both main files grant the same number of SPECIAL points and perks.

Starting Stats Wife

Action Girl 1
Aqua Girl 1
Black Widow 3
Cap Collector 2
Fortune Finder 1
Inspirational 3
Intimidation 2
Life Giver 3
Local Leader 2
Lone Wanderer 3
Medic 1
Mysterious Stranger 1
Party Girl 1
Science 1
Scrapper 1
Solar Powered 2
Wasteland Whisperer 2

Starting Stats Husband 

Armorer 3
Attack Dog 2
Blacksmith 1
Concentrated Fire 1
Commando 1
Critical Banker 1
Demolitions Expert 1
Fortune Finder 1
Gun Nut 3
Gunslinger 2
Heavy Gunner 1
Local Leader 1
Medic 1
Mister Sandman 1
Penetrator 1
Quick Hands 1
Rifleman 3
Robotics Expert 1
Science 2
Scrapper 1
Sniper 1

The Husband Starting Perk file also increases base AP by 25 and increases Aim Stability to reflect combat experience.

Optional Files


SPECIAL Points 35 - All SPECIAL attributes can be set to 5.

SPECIAL Points 49 - All SPECIAL attributes can be set to 7.

SPECIAL Points Fallout 3 - All SPECIAL can be set to 5, and there are 5 more points to distribute, 40 points total.

TAG Files

TAG Combat Crafting Skills
Armorer 2
Blacksmith 2
Gun Nut 2
TAG Computer Science Skills
Nerd Rage 2
Robotics Expert 2
Science 2
TAG Firearms Skills
Commando 2
Gunslinger 2
Rifleman 2
TAG Heavy Weapons Skills
Demolitions Expert 2
Heavy Gunner 2
Pain Train 2
TAG Infiltrator Skills
Hacker 2
Locksmith 2
Sneak 2
TAG Lucky Skills
Four Leaf Clover 2
Mysterious Stranger 2
Ricochet 2
TAG Medic Skills
Chemist 2
Life Giver 2
Medic 2
Tag Melee Skills
Big Leagues 2
Iron Fist 2
Rooted 2
TAG Nefarious Skills
Cannibal 2
Ghoulish 2
Intimidation 2
TAG Social Skills
Black Widow/Lady Killer 2
Inspirational 2
Local Leader 2
TAG Thrifty Skills
Fortune Finder 2
Scrapper 2
Scrounger 2

TAG files are still being added by request. If you have any suggestions or would like to simulate your favorite character generation from previous Fallout games please post them in the comments.

More Details/FAQ/Mod Compatibility

Perks will be active even if you do not meet the SPECIAL or level requirements for them, but you will need to meet all requirements to advance any perks further. Perks will not "stack"; if you already have Locksmith 2 and you add a Perk file with Locksmith 2, the Perk file will have no effect on the Locksmith perk, but if you only have Locksmith 1, the Perk file will grant Locksmith 2.

Starting a New Game

To create a new character, start the game with either one of the main files active, or with one of the SPECIAL files and one of the TAG files active. If you want to create a Husband or Wife character with fewer SPECIAL stats, load one of the SPECIAL files after the main file. When you exit Vault 111, don't choose to redistribute SPECIAL points in the vault elevator unless you want vanilla SPECIAL; this option will lock you into the SPECIAL menu until you forfeit all of the extra points and have vanilla stats again.

Using Multiple Files

Any number of files can be downloaded and installed at the same time, but after you create a character, only one perk file will be active each time you start the game. Any single SPECIAL file and any single Perk file can be active together, but if two .esp's which add SPECIAL, or two which add Perks, are active at the same time, the last file in the load order will overwrite the previous files of its type. 

Having Multiple Characters with Different Starting Stats and Perks

SPECIAL Points that are distributed during character creation will load from a save game even after you uninstall the SPECIAL file, but perks that are added from an .esp file will not load from a save game without the .esp active. Perks are never "added" to the character, as through the "player.addperk" command or other method. Instead the perk.esp file is more accurately a foundation "beneath" the player, and the player "already has" the perks when the game starts instead of "gaining" them, so the appropriate perk.esp must be in place each time the character is loaded for the character to have those perks. To have different characters with different perks, keep track of which perk.esp's need to be loaded with which characters, and remember to exit the game and change .esp files when switching between characters. You can rename files to include character names to help you keep track of which files need to be loaded when you start the game through NMM.

To use SPECIAL or TAG files with the Terrible Wasteland mod, make sure they load after the Terrible Wasteland.esp

Compatible with all mods that don't add SPECIAL points or perks to the player character. Should be compatible with perk overhauls like Better Perks.

Paper Street Soap Co. - Adds a new hygiene mechanic and consumable soap and toothpaste.