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New higher detail LOD Object Textures upscaled by Neural Networks

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- Description -

NeuraLOD uses machine learning to upscale and enhance vanilla LOD so surface details "pop" better, increasing perceived fidelity of faraway objects (not landscape).

There are 2 versions:

  • Main file - provides regenerated LOD for Far Harbor, Nuka World and the Commonwealth with much higher texture resolution (8192x4096 atlas files replacing a 4096x2048 vanilla atlas). If you are using any mod that ships LOD itself (Greenery mods, landscape changes and so on) this is probably not the file for you. You want to regenerate LOD in this case.
  • Resource file - provides only the upscaled LOD textures to fuel your own run of FO4LODGen with higher-quality assets. Read how to generate object LOD here (the guide will have you download other LOD enhancements too). Mod authors are free to use this file for their worldspace mods (see permissions) or better LOD overhauls.

Vanilla object LOD textures are mostly 256x256 in size. NeuraLOD uses a neural network (which was trained to upscale photography) to upscale and denoise these files to 512x512 and then runs them through a pass of light sharpen filters for added crispiness.

Performance impact is not measurable on a GTX 980 (4GB). The VRAM usage increase should be around 50-100 MByte so if your system has less than 4 GB this is probably not for you.

- Compatibility -

All plugin files included are empty dummy ESPs. They're only used to load BA2 archives. You can safely replace them with an empty ESL file if you so desire, or flag the ESP as ESL.

  • Main file - most mods that also deliver LOD will conflict. This includes mods like Another Green Mod, FO4 Seasons Winter and several others. Basically, most environment mods will require to regenerate Object LOD yourself. Ground ("Terrain") textures are not covered by NeuraLOD so it will not conflict with mods that only replace LOD terrain textures, like Faraway Area Reform.
  • Resource file - overrides all vanilla files that include "LOD" in their filename or path. Basically. As those are not used by the game directly this is only relevant during LOD regeneration. Users of other mods that ship LOD resources are expected to make informed decisions about which assets they prefer. I generally recommend to override NeuraLOD with them. NeuraLOD prioritizes coverage over fidelity so I expect other more specific mods to have a higher fidelity (and we both know you're here for maximum eyecandy). You be the judge on that one though, MO2 has awesome file comparison features so go use them.
  • Boston Natural Surroundings - BNS, as of version 2.4, already uses NeuraLODs resources for its LOD so anything you can find on this mod page will be redundant for you unless you want to resolve some LOD conflict between BNS and some third mod by regenerating LOD.

For interactive support, please visit #bearington-labs on the GreslinGames Discord Server.

- Credits -

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