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Improves the chickens created for agricultural plots in Sim Settlements to include rabbits and mice. Makes the chickens and new critters stay near the plot. Stop chickens and rabbits from opening doors.

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I recently found the mod New Rad Chickens gives variety to the chickens created by Sim Settlements outdoor (2x2) agricultural plots but I thought I could make them better and do even more. For this chicken feature to work in Sim Settlements you need to have the Far Harbor DLC and performance settings high enough. With my mod you also need Nuka World for the rad-rat which I make smaller into a farm rad mouse.

My mod will change a chicken into a rabbit approximately 20% of the time and into a mouse approximately 10% of the time.

Chickens and rabbits will no longer open doors (they will eventually teleport through a fence they really want to get though just like any other obstruction for any NPC).

I believe Sim Settlements has a "bug" with the AI package it assigned to the created chicken. It used a package that did not tie the chicken to any location. As a result chickens would soon run off out of my settlements and disappear. I now assign them the AI package that Sim Settlement stuff uses for cats and some other animals. This makes them stay near the plot that spawned them. This also fixes rabbits created from outdoor entertainment plots from running away. I had to change a Sim Settlements Quest object to do this fix. My fix works with the current version of Sim Settlements 4.0.6a back through version 3.5.2 (the last version before conqueror released in Dec 2018) and likely earlier. If will try to monitor if the issue is fixed or the Quest record is change for any reason.

Two version available. The main file uses MoreVariationsOfRadChickens.esp from New Rad Chickens mod. The optional file uses Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters instead. Only need one of the files not both.

The esl flag is turned on for my mod so that it does not take up a mod slot but is an .esp so can be loaded after the required esp. Be sure you have the latest Nexus Mod Manager. An update published in December 2018 fixes problems with .esp files with esl flag turned on.

Open issue: I had the NPC that that sells cows come into my settlement and start shooting all the chicken and rabbits. I am not sure what causes this. I know the Sim Settlement script that adds the chickens also assigns them to the WorkshopNPCFaction and PlayerFriendFaction which appears to protect them from being attacked by my companions and settlers. Maybe DomesticAnimalFaction needs to be added?

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