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Experience the Commonwealth 9 years into the future in the year 2296. Most of Boston has been rebuilt to an almost pre-war state. A new government has emerged, the Prime Prestonian Federation and Preston Garvey is the president. But settlements may still need your help.

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The Prime Prestonian Federation
A Fallout 4 Total Conversion Mod
[ Work-In-Progress - Coming Out 2020 - Updates Posted Here ]


From the creators of mods like Marked for Termination, Father Companion (Fallout 4) and The Lands of Solstheim, Vvardenfell and Mournhold (Oblivion), we, known simply as Toro Montana's Team from this point, are please to announce our newest project.

Trailer Narrator: In the year 2287, the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 woke up from two centuries of cryogenic suspension and ventured forth out in a lawless Commonwealth to find a missing son, ignorant of the much larger role they were to play in that region's history. You know this mysterious figure as General of the Minutemen, the hero who put an end to a devastating faction war on our soil, the hero who stabilized the Commonwealth long enough to make nation building possible.

Although the vault-dweller unexpectedly vanished without a trace years later, the Commonwealth got its wish for unity in the year 2293, when representatives from all 42 settlements, under the protection and council of the Minutemen, drafted the first ever Commonwealth Constitution and founded the Prime Prestonian Federation, a name given in honor of the General's second-in-command, Preston Garvey, the man who would also be elected its first president in a landslide victory.

It is now the year 2296, the last year of President Garvey's administration. Life's been good, almost too good for the broken world we inhabit. We are all due for a... correction. I know what lies in the dark heart of human nature. And I know war. War never changes.

The Prime Prestonian Federation is an unofficial total conversion mod for Fallout 4 set 9 years after the events of Fallout 4. Much has changed. The Sole Survivor has been missing for years but a new stable form of government in the region has emerged modeled after the former United States (much like the New California Republic) and Preston Garvey is now the president.

Over the years many settlements had been created, destroyed, merged with others, split from others or simply abandoned. But around the year 2292 the map was drawn for good and stabilized around 42 settlements, including 8 Boston districts. In time most monsters, gunners, raiders, rogue synths etc. had been driven to the outer reaches of the Commonwealth and no longer posed a constant daily threat. Civilization was once again possible... somewhat. Most parts of Boston were rebuilt and repopulated as people become more comfortable leaving Diamond City and Goodneighbor and in many areas plants and trees grow again using Institute technology (and before you ask, yes, we will get to that in a minute.)

The Prime Prestonian Federation (PPF or simply "The Federation") was formed on the 5th of January 2293 and elections were swiftly held that same month to avoid any unnecessary civil unrest or questions over its legitimacy. By February, there was an elected Congress, an elected governor in every settlement and Preston Garvey was the elected president of the Federation. All citizens have equal rights and citizenship is granted to anyone either born in the Commonwealth or "present with peaceful intentions" on Commonwealth soil at the time of the Federation's founding. Ghouls, gen-3 synths and even peaceful super mutants qualify for citizenship, though in practice very few super mutant citizens exist.

Things have never been better in the Commonwealth for over 200 years. But there are problems. While attacks are not as common as they were back in 2287, settlements on the outskirts of Boston continue to the plagued by raiders and hostile super mutant clans. Southern settlements are still plagued by attacks from monsters coming out of the Glowing Sea. Occasional radiation/Fatman attacks from the designated terrorist group Children of Atom continue to plague Boston city leading to messy clean-ups being required to keep Boston habitable and calls for gun control. All these things also cause many disputes between settlements over who deserves the most defense funding. Elections also heavily favor less populated rural settlements vs. higher density population Boston districts, leading many to question whether or not the Electoral Assembly should be abolished for the next election. President Garvey himself is often challenged, often in contradictory ways, some accusing Garvey of being too soft in his foreign policy regarding the Brotherhood of Steel back in DC, others saying he is too hard and even "imperialistic" on them.

Major Gameplay Mechanics

As this is a total conversion, hitting a new game will start very differently from Fallout 4. You're a citizen of the Prime Prestonian Federation and can choose your own fate through a short scripted event. You can also choose to be a ghoul, super mutant or a Gen-3 synth, not just human.

Features to expect:
1. Most of Boston rebuilt and re-populated. Hostiles largely driven out or underground. Every apartment complex will have unique NPCs. Normal pre-war trees and plants now grow in many places. Most of the Commonwealth now resembles more of a pre-war era, mainly got they got off their lazy butt and picked up all the trash. But of course there will still be trouble places such as the Glowing Sea and the outskirts of Boston still plagued by hostiles, though not as frequently. Subway not yet rebuilt, but underway.
2. Most old companions return + new companions
3. Over 30 Possible Endings
4. Stop right there criminal scum! Criminal Justice System similar to Skyrim with jails but also an extra: trials. Hire a lawyer or represent yourself with high enough charisma to get off. Execution for bounties higher than 5000 caps. Okay... we copied the ideas from all Elder Scrolls.
5. Settlement system won't be a thing with 2 notable exceptions:
a) player housing (you can decorate only properties you purchase, technically all properties are purchasable if you're willing to offer ludicrous amounts to the owner like 10000% for properties not for sale)
b) if you become the president/dictator/Warchief/whatever, then the entire map becomes one giant settlement with 10000 NPCs where you can build and destroy as you wish.
6. Invest in the emerging stock market. Companies like SynthTec, ArcJet and Nuka-Cola await investors in the 2296 IPO. Don't be a loser, be a winner!

Who am I? (Lore and Gameplay)

Short answer: You are No One.

Long answer: Unlike official Fallout games, you are nobody special in this mod, you're just a citizen of the PPF, there is no special destiny attached to you, not unless you make it. In fact, if the previous protagonists were called the Lone Wanderer and the Sole Survivor, consider yourself No One.

There will be no voice acting for the player either. Dialog will function more like it did for Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim, that sort of thing.

There are no immortal NPCs, although companions take 95% reduced damage to compensate for their stupidity and can be revived if you act fast after their HP is down.

There are over 30 exciting endings, here is just a sample of what you can do:

Option a) Become Garvey's new CIA director. Unlock appropriate radiant quests: Another settlement is... something President Garvey needs intel on. Go look.
Option b) Become a cop and even police chief. Another neighborhood in Boston needs your help.
Option c) Run for office in the 2296 election. Become the president. Unlock a new exciting game mechanics. One quest involves defending southern settlements by using a terminal to call in an artillery strike in the Glowing Sea before any deathclaws even get a chance to eat your citizens alive.

Unlike vanilla Fallout 4 please note that there isn't a settlement system where you build stuff up in every region. Exception applies if you become president or some other kind of ruler (dictator, super mutant Warchief, scientific tyrant etc.) then the entire map becomes one large settlement where you can build and destroy everything you wish. You will also see the entire population in exact numbers.

Option d) Overthrow the Federation, become a dictator.
Option e) Infect the water supplies with FEV and rule as the Warchief of the super mutants. (Radiant quests: Smash things! Me mark it on your map.)
Option f) Join the armed forces. Defend the settlements under the command of Ronnie Shaw, General of the Federation Army.

This features a unique mechanic where you are NOT the Sole Defender of Settlements anymore. Remember, you are No One. You will be part of an army (i.e. 15 NPCs). However if you don't fire a single bullet that hits a valid target, Ronnie Shaw will execute you for cowardice.

Option g) Become a postman. Another package needs to arrive somewhere.
Option h) Become a cook. Unlock radiant quest: Cook. Being mundane is totally an option.
Option i) Work up the SynthTec corporate ladder for an unspecified ending. (To Be Revealed in 2020)

Super mutants, Gen-3 synths and non-feral ghouls will be playable.

Wait! What is the canon ending to Fallout 4 then?

Some aspects are fixed but actually a lot of important choices you could have taken as the Sole Survivor are not.

The only thing that's definitely set in stone for this mod because something has to be:
1. The Sole Survivor helped Garvey's group, became the General of the Minutemen and was deeply involved with them.
2. The child synth Shaun lives. (He is now the boy genius CEO of SynthTec.)
3. The Sole Survivor was the "good guy" more or less.

What's not set in stone:

1. The actual faction choice of the Sole Survivor. Remember you can become General, build up all settlements and still not attack any particular faction.
2. Many many quest outcomes too many to list.

I still have questions about the canonical ending...

Q: Is the Sole Survivor male or female?
A: In the style of Bethesda games, when you start a new game, there will be a scripted intro. There will be an opportunity to answer this that's immersive.

Here's an example:

1. NPC A says to Player in a conversation: "I still can't believe the General is gone."
2. Options In Response:
a) He will be missed. He saved us all.
b) She will be missed. She saved us all.
c) I don't care about him. He wasn't there when we signed the Constitution.
d) I don't care about her. She wasn't there when we signed the Constitution.

Based on your choice of dialog in the early part of the game, Sole Survivor will be assigned a sex. It cannot change after that.

Q: What's the Sole Survivor's name and appearance when we meet?
A: Default Nate/Nora.

Q: Was the Institute destroyed?
A: Handled the same as above. Example:

1. NPC says: "Found this sweet golden pocket watch near CIT."
2. Player says:
a) I'd stay away from the Glowing Sinkhole. Seriously, it's not worth it.
b) That's far too close to the Institute for me.
c) Maybe I should try my luck, but I'd need some radiation protection.
d) Why are people so afraid of that place? We have a treaty with them.

Depending on how you answer, the Institute may or may not be destroyed in your timeline.

Q: (If the Sole Survivor chose the Institute) Is the Institute part of the Federation?
A: No, but the Institute has a special treaty with the Federation to maintain peace. They also have open trading relations and tourism to the Institute is possible under very strict conditions, mainly for security and health purposes. The best and brightest in the Commonwealth may also be invited to study and work there.

Under the PPF-Institute Treaty of 2293, here are just a few conditions in place:
1. Gen-3 human-like synth slavery is abolished. All Gen-3 synths who wish to peacefully leave the Institute, have not committed a crime and have no debt to repay must be allowed a safe passage to the surface, provided they agree to a partial memory wipe and never return. Any strategic knowledge of the Institute is wiped from their memory.
2. Teleportation is restricted to the CIT area, unless emergency escape from mortal danger is necessary.
3. The Institute maintains sovereignty over the CIT surface which functions similar to an embassy or the Vatican.
4. Coursers relayed to the surface must inform local authorities of their whereabouts and their mission if they wish to leave the CIT area. They must wear distinctive clothing as well, although in practice almost all already did that.
5. Deliberately kidnapping a citizen or traveler in good standing of the PPF is considered an act of war. Raiders, gunners, Children of Atom, hostile super mutants and others deemed by the Federation as "enemy combatants" are fair game. People sentenced to death or exile by the Federation are also fair game. The PPF routinely hands over dangerous criminals to the Institute for various experiments, a compromise thought necessary to maintain the peace, deter crime despite public concerns over both the morality and legal ramifications of it.
6. Plundering settlements for resources is also an act of war. The President of the PPF however has an obligation to regulate commerce with the Institute and ensure "reasonable" energy demands are always met (mostly to due with keeping the Institute's reactor functional). Another concession thought necessary despite some public objections.
7. The Institute is strictly prohibited from creating synth replicas of anyone outside the Institute, including raiders.

Q: What happened to the Railroad?
A: Regardless of the outcome in vanilla Fallout 4, this is a moot point as the 2296 Railroad is now an almost completely different organization with different goals and different people. With the synths now being free, the new Railroad is focused more on activism for empowering synths which they view as victims of widespread discrimination despite a constitutional mandate for equal rights.

You will be able to join the new Railroad and decide if they are worth your time or not. There are also internal disputes in the Railroad as to whether or not peaceful super mutants are people too and what place they have in this new world.

Q: What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
A: Regardless of the player actions in vanilla Fallout 4, they were never really destroyed as they are far too big to destroy in one Fallout game. But Maxson definitely is not Elder anymore and they don't have a presence in the Commonwealth. Whether or not he was killed by the Sole Survivor, stepped down, was replaced, was killed internally, whatever, I'll leave that to your imagination.

The Federation has a treaty with them as well, they're not going to play a very important role.

Q: What happened to the Enclave?
A: They lurk in the shadows. They haven't really been a big player since Fallout 3. They may be involved in a sedition plot against the Federation and may even have people on the inside already. Or maybe not. You'll have to find out for yourself.

Q: You mentioned Institute technology being used to revitalize major parts of the Commonwealth. How does that work if the Institute is destroyed?
A: That's where boy genius synth Shaun comes in, majority shareholder, founder and CEO of SynthTec. If the Institute was destroyed, much of the Institute's knowledge was preserved in young Shaun's mind. SynthTec is currently involved in industrial-scale rad scrubbing technology and is even working a major project to purify the entire Glowing Sea, a major source of radiation affecting the Commonwealth. Young Shaun is also the wealthiest person in the Commonwealth.

Q: What happened to adult Shaun?
A: Officially he is said to have died in 2287 from a very aggressive form of cancer. However since one of our modders is the author of the alternate ending mod Father Companion, you will be able to choose the outcome where he was saved using either the Cabot serum or the FEV. If this outcome was chosen, you will find a suspiciously looking employee inside the SynthTec building who resembles either a 69 year old Shaun or a super mutant Shaun (both based on the default Nate/Nora look, not the look of No One).

He is going under a different identity and will never introduce himself as "Shaun". If you do however break the 4th wall and call him by his real name (or maybe you simply have "the Sight"), he will deny it at first and quietly disappear from the game the next time you visit SynthTec. Even if he survives, he plays no major role in the story and is mostly an easter egg.

Also if the Sole Survivor is your active companion, he will "suggest" to stay away. If you keep acting suspiciously around Shaun, he will one-shot you.

Q: What happened to the Cabot family?
A: Unknown. Regardless of the Sole Survivor's choice, Cabot House was empty and in ruin in 2294 and later claimed by a third party with no known connections to the Cabot family.

Q: What happened to the other companions?
A: Non-faction companions are still around plus X6. Preston may be a companion under special end-game circumstances. Deacon and Danse are not around anymore. Piper runs Publick Occurrences, now the biggest news outlet in the Commonwealth and is very critical of President Garvey accusing him of being a synth replacement despite this time being wrong (or is she? or maybe SHE is the synth replacement? or both are?). Hancock is the governor of the extended Goodneighbor settlement now renamed the Good Boston Commons. Strong is working at the docs and searching for the "milk of human kindness" is his spare time despite constant ridicule from his super mutant co-workers. X6 is still working as a courser assuming you didn't blow up the Institute. Valentine is a cop and the only Gen-2 synth to have equal rights by constitutional amendment. Cait is a master thief.

There will be a quest with multiple outcomes to Strong's milk journey.

Find out more in 2020.

Q: What happened to the raiders from Nuka-World?
A: Wiped out in 2287 by the Sole Survivor.

Meet The Team

Project Leader:
Toro Montana

Creation Kit Modders/Scripters:
Toro Montana (Papyrus and general)
thePOSTALdude (heightmap expertise, landscapes)
Brett Keane (dialog expertise)
William Fire (interiors)
terminolvelocity1991 (NPCs)
Voljin Voodoo

William Fire

Voice Actors:
Ken Johnson - Trailer 1/several male NPCs
Brett Keane - Trailer 2/older male NPCs
XClarenceX - Preston Garvey
William Fire - ghouls/Cait's dad/Hancock/super mutants
bettyf6b - Piper/some female NPCs
[named not disclosed for privacy reasons] - young Shaun

Toro Montana
Brett Keane

Although we have a solid team, our recruitment is open. Submit an application to [email protected]. Just say why you want to join. Be natural.

Special Thanks To:
Eon - Ambient Sci Fi Music - (royalty free) - Music Used in Trailer 1

Music provided by No Copyright Music:

Music used: Signs In The Fields by cinematicwaves

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

- Music Used in Trailer 2

There's More!

After the mod is complete, several DLCs are scheduled for release:

2021 - Sands of Arabia - Find out what the Sole Survivor is doing in Arabia, will you join him or her on a quest for immortality?
2022 - Retribution Day - As warned in the mod Marked For Termination in the year 2297, the war with Radnet begins. Radnet unleashes a virus that wipes out 70% of the human population. Now that the Sole Survivor is back, help the resistance win the war against the machines.
2023 - Vault 67 - An overcrowded vault in a drama-based DLCs. To win you must put down you guns and be a skilled people's person instead. Not easy to do as overcrowding makes it very easy to get spied on. Watch out what you say, where you say it and to who.
2024 - The Collision - An ex-Institute scientist opens a portal to Skyrim and two universes collide. Get dragon shouts. Join the Stormcloaks or the Empire. Or just conquer everything and make it part of your settlement. The choice is yours.