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  1. PrancinShowPony
    • member
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    Thank you. Hearing dogs whimpering makes me feel sad because of my own dog, even if it's not real. It doesn't annoy me, it just makes me feel sad inside when Dogmeat is downed in combat.
  2. Nymphonomicon
    • supporter
    • 488 posts
    • 6 kudos
    Do you intend to make an improvement to your mod that replaces the blanked out whine audio with less annoying dog sounds?
  3. Oxhornmovies
    • member
    • 636 posts
    • 455 kudos
    Thanks for this! I shared your mod with my subscribers this morning:


    1. phatbassanchor
      • premium
      • 817 posts
      • 28 kudos
      I could not agree more! The only time that Dogmeat whines now is if being injured in combat which is appropriate.

      5 smiley seal of 100% approval!!!!! I endorse and highly recommend this mod!!!

  4. DeathWrench
    • member
    • 664 posts
    • 40 kudos
    I'm pretty sure these are the rest of them that you missed in case you wanted to update this:
  5. Alekzie
    • member
    • 92 posts
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    In previous playthroughs I always avoided using Dogmeat, despite use canine companions in FO3 and FNV. I just couldn't stand the constant whimpering and it would drive me insane.
    Luckily I found this mod and now I can have him with me. Sometimes he still whines but it's very rare, so thanks for making this traveling partner enjoyable again!
  6. davneu
    • premium
    • 24 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Thank you so much! Even a reduction would help.The whine is the only reason I do not use Dogmeat as a companion.Whining usually means a pet is in stress or needs something; this is totally triggering when you as player are absolutely powerless to stop it/alleviate it.
    1. metaphorset
      • member
      • 222 posts
      • 1 kudos
      "Whining usually means a pet is in stress or needs something" - Absolutely and totally nope. Dogmeat is no family pet.

      Whining also might be a sign of excitement. My wife trains rescue, police and customs dogs (especially GSDs) for 25 years now and she definitely knows more about them than you. If she trains young dogs and they don't show the right level of excitement (aka whining) and focus for the job, they're most likely sorted out of "school". They still make great family pets then, but they never might find poor little Timmy if he manages to fall into the old well again.
    2. Aristacah
      • supporter
      • 11 posts
      • 1 kudos
      I am a retired K-9 officer Metaphorset, and based on my experience and training, when one of our dogs whined not only was it annoying and completely out of character for a K-9; it could put an officer at risk. Our dogs are trained to bark for alerting, not whine. Additionally, most police K-9's come from Germany or Belgium already trained, thus the high cost of acquiring one. I'm sure they are exceptions who use non-professional trainers but those are usually very small departments who don't have the budget for proper training.

      The reason a dog would be released from a training program is because they don't have a high play or prey drive, not because they don't whine enough. A whining K-9 would give away an officers position and possibly put them in jeopardy. It would actually be a reason to wash a dog out.

      All K-9's make "great family pets" because they live with their handlers and their families. Watching my Malinois, (who was imported from Belgium and attained the highest rank of Police K-9 from their registry), roll around on the floor rough housing with my 8 year old was great fun. He's retired now, too. He's a great dog and doesn't whine unless he has needs, like food or bathroom breaks, both of which are stressful to dogs.

      And in case you didn't know, Dogmeat is a synth! lol
    3. MercyKnifed
      • member
      • 43 posts
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      "And in case you didn't know, Dogmeat is a synth! lol"

      hope you were kidding

      I really do hope you were kidding
    4. BearOli
      • member
      • 44 posts
      • 2 kudos
      haha he is, he was in a successfull institute experiment btw.

      How come is well trained, in good shape, able to survive on his own againt mutated commonwealth? haha
  7. Aleneil
    • supporter
    • 2 posts
    • 0 kudos
    You are my hero. Those whines were driving me insane.
  8. Rhaevyn
    • premium
    • 1,037 posts
    • 19 kudos
    He still whines. It's not as much, but he still does. Poor guy is now warming up a room in Sanctuary. It just grates on the nerves. If I had the slightest clue where those audio files were I'd take them all out. It's a shame, he's adorable.
  9. sanchokobe
    • premium
    • 17 posts
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    "The voice (bark?) dog-actor must have been really convincing, because it triggers my dogs like crazy. Got really annoyed with it, but I liked having the dog."

    They used a real dog for Dogmeat's voice. Also Dogmeat is modeled after the same real-life dog. I think the dog belongs to one of the developers. The real-life Dogmeat is also female.
  10. Arodin
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    I just installed this mod and Dogmeat is still whining. Did this mod break with the Fallout4 1.9 update?