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Replaces the vanilla Laser Rifle Stock meshes with more... martial looking ones.

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*Qwop! Qwop! Qwop!*
  ...goes the Laser Gun in Fallout 4.  *Qwop! Qwop! Qwop!*

There probably are lots of reasons to hate the Laser Rifle in this game. Wether because of the sounds, the visual design, or the fact that it performs terrible against many NPC types - it just seems to suck on all possible levels.

However, i recently stumbled across this mod: Laser Rifle Full Grip Stock by Bordraw.
And i realized, that the worst thing about the Laser Rifle is the shape of the stocks, which (like most Fallout 4 weapons) looks neither practical, effective, nor aesthetical. So by simply moving the Recoil Stock in line with the Barrel and Receiver, Bordraw managed to turn it into something looking like a sturdy, futuristic Assault Rifle. Basically just how the concept artist had imagined it.

His mod only edited the Recoil Stock though, and it had a lot of clipping with the animations. So i did my own take on all three stocks, and this is the result.


> Replaces all three Rifle Stock meshes of the Laser Gun.


> Install with your mod manager.

> This mod only replaces vanilla meshes, and thus is 100% safe to uninstall at any time.


> Compatible with any mods that only overhaul the stats, sounds, or other behavior of the Laser Gun.

> Potentially incompatible with Laser Rifle animation replacers.

> Probably incompatible with any mods that change the overall design of the Laser Gun, like changing/replacing the shape of the meshes, or doing significant edits to the modification layout.

> Definitely incompatible with mods that edit the Laser Rifle Stock meshes.

Known Issues:

> Some clipping remains

> There seems to be a texture issue with the intersection of the "Full Stock" option, only visible when inspecting the gun or dropping it on the floor. The mesh looks fine in Nifskope though. The current placement is more or less intended, since it works better with the vanilla animation.


> Bordraw for the idea