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Use hotkey to sit down anywhere you want and wait (or dont). Up to 9 different sitting poses, selectable manually or automatically depending on situation and settings.

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First thing first - YES I KNOW, similar mod already exists (Immersive Waiting), but this one is different.

  • This mod is 1 simple script, the other has 6 simple scripts
  • This mod uses native furniture funcionality, the other is using spells and idles via script
  • This mod allows 9 different poses (optionally context sensitive), the other gives you only 2 poses
  • This mod doesn't care about companions, the other makes some sit down with you
  • This mod uses MCM hotkey to sit down, the other relies on inventory items optionally bound to quickslots
  • This mod requires F4SE and MCM, the other has no requirements

  • Install like any other mod (don't forget the requirements - F4SE and MCM).
  • Bind some key to the Activation Hotkey in "Mors Sit Anywhere" MCM.
  • Set other options in MCM as you like (they are pretty self-explanatory, so no need to go into any details here).
  • When you want to sit down (and wait), use the assigned hotkey.
    Depending on the other MCM options, it will make you sit down using automatically selected pose depending on whether you are crippled, wounded, captive, or none of the above, or it will show you a menu so you can select desired pose yourself.
    Once sitting, you can wait same way as in any normal furniture.