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Allows you to sit down AND Wait any where!

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Allows you to sit down and wait anywhere

This is the 3rd complete rebuild of my mod Sit anywhere which now allows you to wait. This mod handles the animations completely differently, and has some different options and features which make it significantly different from my other mod. Eventually I hope to expand this mod beyond just sitting, to other activities you can do while waiting. For that reason, I have decided to upload it as a separate upload.


In the aid Section of your Pipboy you will find the sit Items. Use them to sit down. You can now wait as normal by pressing Y.

Companions will now sit down with you. Currently Piper, Cait, Valentine, and Preston are covered. I will get to the rest of the human companions as time permits. - Its generally best to set the companions on some flat ground, and tell them to stay in place to avoid clipping.

If you tell Dogmeat to wait/stay, he will sit down once you sit down. It takes a moment but uses his vanilla AI package so its compatible with everything. 


1. For now do not install this mod until after you leave vault 101. I haven't scripted in the ability to replace the sit Item automatically like in my other mod yet. It will be removed before leaving Vault 101 by the game engine, so just wait until after you exit the vault to activate the mod (this is a common issue with many mods that add items to the player on first load).

2. You MUST find a relatively flat piece of ground to sit on. If you don't, you might see some minor clipping now and again. Choose the places you sit down sensibly, I.E. not on the side of a mountain, or on top of a dead Deathclaw and it will be fine 99% of the time. I also cannot account for Bethesda's terrible meshes/collison. sometimes your gonna sink into the ground lol. That's the price we pay for sitting down I guess.

3. I KNOW people are going to ask for more animations, I hope to add more animations over time.

In general I would like people to Beta test this mod for me and give (constructive) feedback. Remember, the mod needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, with the ability to wait in mind. Everything is handled Completely differently, and in many ways MUCH simpler. For this reason it currently lacks some of features the previous mod had, and in some cases the animations will be a bit more finicky. If you want more polished animations and features use my other mod Sit anywhere I left it up for this very reason.

*Companion support is very early. Therefore it can be a bit buggy. If you want to turn off companion support for this release open the console and type

set AS_DisableCompanionSupport to 1 

If you turn off companion support, companions will use their normal AI package to find the nearest relaxation furniture available when you sit down. DogMeat will still work as normal since his AI package allows him to sit anywhere already.


  1. You MUST install the mod after leaving Vault 101
  2. You MUST find relatively flat ground to sit on or you will get clipping and oddities
  3. If you find you are having issues getting the animation to start, try looking straight ahead, playing with the camera etc. Eventually you will get it working
  4. Not ALL companions will work. I'll get the ones working that I can. - companions support can be buggy. turn it off for this version if you don't like it
  5. Talking to or commanding companions who are sitting will cause the animation to get interrupted. 
  6. The sit items are droppable for now. If you lose them, you will need to console them back in. - Since many people have requested the items be droppable in the past, I will need to decide how to handle this.

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