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Changes Home Plate and Mechanist's Lair workbenches to full featured ones. Links Home Plate resources to Hangman's Alley (optional).

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This mod changes Home Plate and Mechanist's Lair workbenches to be full featured ones like a settlement would have including crafting stations. Also has option to link Home Plate resources to Hangman's Alley. 

Now with FOMOD installer! 4 different ways to install are included.

This mod changes the workbenches in Home Plate and Mechanist's Lair to be the same as a regular settlement and it also removes interior fog from the spaces. It will also optionally link Hangman's Alley workbench to Home Plate once you acquire both settlements. You will not see items shared in the workshop inventory but you will have the increased resources available. Nothing else is changed. All requirements for crafting are untouched. There is no console command to execute. Crafting materials should be shared between workbench and stations. This should be compatible with any save and items placed shouldn't disappear if you disable this mod.

This mod was made with FO4Edit.

Credits to HautdenLukas for adding the link between Home Plate and Hangman's Alley.