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You can craft Institute Laser Turrets (normal and heavy) for your Settlements.

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About the mod:

In workshop mode you can create Institute Laser Turrets for your Settlements.
In short, they deal the same amount of damage and behave just like the normal Laser Turrets. They utilizes light blue laser and have blue Critical Effect (the blue ashes). The perk and resource requirements are also the same.

Of course they count as Defense in your Settlements. The normal Laser Turrets are untouched by this mod and you can create normal Laser Turrets as well as Institute Laser Turrets.

(See the pictures and the video for a better view :)


1. Use NMM (or any Mod Manager), or:
2. Put manually the .esp file to your /Data folder (and activate it in your plugins.txt file)
3. You can find them next to the normal Laser Turrets


1. Scrap the Institute Laser Turrets you made
2. Delete with your Mod Manager, or:
3. Deactivate the .esp file and delete it manually from your /Data folder