Fallout 4

About this mod

THE MOD IS CURRENTLY BROKEN. I intend to create a working version however I don’t know when yet. Please avoid using the mod for now.

The mod for my enemy NPC's made for the fallout who mod, it will eventually include more but this is only the start of development. Hopefully assets from this mod will be merged into fallout who at a late

Permissions and credits
The mod contents as it stands:

-Cyberiad Armour: Located in front of the red car before sanctuary bridge as you leave sanctuary, A-posing and phantom. (Removed in 0.0.8 Bug Fixes)
-Cyberiad NPC's: Located at the Robitics disposal yard.
-Dalek Submachine Gunstick (Dalek Tommy Gun): Hidden in Fallout Who random Tardis flight location, can you find it?
-Time War Dalek (Fighting the cybermen at the robotics disposal ground)
-Dead Cybermen hidden in the institute.
-Imperial Dalek (Replaced the TW Dalek on sanctuary bridge)
-Anti-Dalek Grenade (Hidden)
-Handmade Anti-Dalek Gun (Hidden)

The mod's ambition:

I hope to make more creatures for the mod and as aforementioned i hope to merge certain assets into fallout who in the future. Fallout who is required and i am not a developer for the Foundry, just a fan of the teams work and i hope to work with them to stop the mod being cancelled.

Planned future content:

-General Bug Fixes and Smaller Updates
-Cybus Cybermen
-Silurians (Smith Era)
-Handles Companion
-Pathes for Pip-Pad and Pib-Boy 2000
-Dalek Animations
-Optional vortex manipulator pip-boy.

Fallout Who as constantly aforementioned:
Fallout Who 1.0

Fallout Who Discord Patches