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Fallout Who is a BBC Doctor Who themed mod for Fallout 4, rewarding players with a maintainable TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver and Time Lord abilities

Permissions and credits
Fallout Who 1.0 - 'Grandfather!' beta

Fallout Who: the 3rd in a series of Doctor Who themed modifications for the Fallout series will see you take the role of a convicted Time Lord, exiled in human form on the barren wastelands of a Post-Apocalyptic Earth.
Unlock the secrets of your Time Lord heritage, craft and command advanced Gallifreyan technology and master control over your very own TARDIS. 
Featuring a return of unique Flight and Maintenance Systems, housed with a brand new addition to allow you to customise your very own Type 45, Fallout Who aims to bring our previous work onto the modern platform of Fallout 4.


- A basic introductory plot, reintroducing old fans of the FW series to a new chapter, and bringing new lovers of Doctor Who onboard
- A fully maintainable, pilotable TARDIS with systems, in-flight minigame and customisable workshop interior (with many secrets) to explore
- Harness your Time Lord abilities to defy death 12 times and regenerate into a new physical form with randomised SPECIAL stats
- Take on the Wasteland with your very own Sonic Screwdriver; picking locks, hacking terminals and discovering many more hidden functions for the tool as you play

We will be adding new and additional content frequently, including adversaries, new TARDIS functions and some experimental gameplay mechanisms


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Big Fat Disclaimers (Read Me!):-

- This WILL eventually be NMM compatible, just not immediately!
- F4SE is not yet a requirement
- Neither myself nor Cookiemorph will be actively monitoring the Nexus thread for this mod, nor shall we respond to direct PM's. We kindly ask that all bug reports are fed back to the established Fallout Who community proboards, linked here.
- This mod has not been designed with other mod integration in mind. We don't plan on integrating any time soon either.
- Update: I've turned off Bug Reporting on here as people are using it to ask 'for help on finding X, or how do I do X' - Please use the linked forum or Discord for assistance

How To Install/Play:-

- Install the zipped contents to your Fallout Data directory (see this link on how to install Fallout 4 mods)
- The mod is started by recovering some 'lost items' over at the Root Cellar in Sanctuary Hills... the rest is up to you!

Known Bugs:-

- Power Stacks/Workshop doesn't activate in the TARDIS: This appears to be a game bug which can also disable workshops in the vanilla build. Saving, restarting and reloading your game will load the content back into the game


- Fallout Who @ Facebook - the only place to get frequent development updates
- Fallout Who @ Proboards - bug logging and community shennanigans
- Fallout Who @ Youtube
- Fallout Who @ Discord

Credits & Thanks:

The Foundry:
Demeggy - Founder, Lead Developer & Designer, Scripting
Cookiemorph - Modelling, Animating, Texturing, Scripting
GreatIllMotives - Design, Testing
Arkman - Original Music Score Compositions

With additional thanks to:
Spyduck - Scripting, Modelling, Animating, Texturing
ShatteredSteel - Scripting Help
Scrivener07 - Scripting Help

and to the Fallout Who community for their patience and dedication to our projects over the past 6 years!

Copyright Disclaimer: Doctor Who, the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver, the Daleks & Cybermen are all licensed by the BBC. This mod is a fan production, a demonstration of our adoration for a brilliant and fantastic trademark. This is not intended in any way for profit.