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My personal player preset of Jet Girl as portrayed by Naomi Watts from the Tank Girl movie.

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I love the movie Tank Girl and have as soft place for Jet Girl,as portrayed by Naomi Watts, so I created a preset of her. She needs very little in the way of requirements. In order for her to have the glasses you need to take the pair from Overseer's desk in Vault 111.

Although I've created many presets for myself, I decided Jet Girl came out so well I wanted to share her with the community, enjoy!

These are the mods I use and are optional but would be good to use:

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Version

Immersive Mouth and Teeth

Caliente Beautiful Bodies Enhancer CBBE


1. Extract the file to Fallout 4 data folder.
2. Make sure all folders are placed in the correct areas in the Data folder
or use Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex or any Mod manager of your choice


1. Use Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex or the mod manager of your choice to uninstall.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Thanks to the Nexus community and all the excellent Mod creators who's work I've had the pleasure of using in my mods as well as in my games over the years. The fact that you have taken so much of your personal time to offer these excellent creations is appreciated greatly.

And thanks to Beth for the games we are allowed to mod good or bad it's always fun!

Game On!!