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Choose your own military backstory, where you can select your character's Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

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The Sole Survivors Military Service Record


The mod allows the player to choose the backstory of the Sole Survivor as a veteran of the Sino-American War.

What branch of the Military did your Sole Survivor serve in?

Was your Sole Survivor an NCO or an Officer?

What was your Sole Survivor's final rank?

What was your Sole Survivor's chosen military career?

What kind of advanced training did your Sole Survivor undergo?

What kind of combat deployments did your Sole Survivor experience?


Version 3.01 Check the Nexus for the details on the rebuild.

Version 3.02 Check the Nexus for the details of the update.

Version 3.03 Created menus for the three rounds of Advanced Training.

Version 3.04 Differentiated the various Advanced Training Menus, and restored some abilities to the Enlisted and Officer Training custom perks. Added a laser pistol and a few weapon mods to the military trunk.


Fully compatible with fast and alternate start mods.

Menus will appear once you finish character creation, load up an older save game, or (if you are using an alternate start mod) change WorldSpace locations.


Here's the link to TSSMSR's new discord server for anyone who is interested.



TSSMSR - Moderate

TSSMSR - Minimalist

TSSMSR - Horizon Compatibility