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Younger Looking, androgynous male character looksmenu preset.
Plus some minor cosmetic mods. Male makeup options.
Custom Brow Textures and Bit smoother male headmesh

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Younger Looking, Androgynous male character face preset for looks menu. 
Also some minor cosmetic mods if you want to get similar look as screenshots. 

So, to get same looks as screenshots you will need following mods from nexus.
Extended Facial Sculpting - now with 90 percent less beta
(face sculpt is heavily modified, I have no Idea how ugly it will look without this) 
M-skin for EVB
(In screenshots, normal version is used. However you can download vanilla skin tone face texture version and change skin tone yourself, if you want to)
Skarlett Eyes 
As for hair. On nexus you can download thes: Commonwealth Cuts and KS Hairdos - Addon(s) with Physics
as both provide some choice of male hairstyles. 
Looks Menu Customization Compendium (if you want male makeup options)
(put after Skarlett Eyes  in load order)
If you want more makeup options (male lipstick for example) download my addon for Looks Menu Customization Compendium provided in downloads section.
Brow textures are also custom if you download it it will replace ones provided by Looks Menu Customization Compendium
Finally You can download my experimental male headmesh replacer. I did some minor tweaks to make laugh lines and mouth area bit smoother.

Also I suggest you install NAC  other than being a amazing weather and lightning mod its new skin shader changes lot. 
(I uploaded something similar once, but that version was trash :D, sadly I can't delete it)