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GSC GameWorld - Zoltan _aka Dezowave_ Munkacsi and the Lost Alpha dev Team - Klangsegler _aka Marco Schink _

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A complete replacer for (almost) all vanilla ambient music from all three STALKER games, plus Lost Alpha! 65 tracks included so far.

Permissions and credits

Here's a video showing off the mod in action! courtesy of the user EmptyArsenal 
- This is a replacer for all vanilla ambient music, so (hopefully) you won't hear any of the exploration music (some short vanilla songs might appear on specific dungeons or night-times).

- ATTENTION: The music tracks from this mod are considerably louder than Fallout 4 vanilla music, so you might want to tune the Music volume down a little bit on the game's menu. (The tracks will be normalized on future versions, if I have enough time to do it).

- This is still a WIP beta version, so you might hear the songs switching to another one before it ends.

- I've left the Main Menu, Combat, Discovery, Level Up, Towns, Sanctuary, Quest, Factions and some special musics untouched for now, to keep some of the Fallout atmosphere/vibe.

- This doesn't cover any of the DLC's yet, I might do it later but no promises.

- All musics are hand-picked by me (which they're prone to future changes). So far the replacement musics are:

*Ambient Exploration - Day, Dusk and Night times, each with their unique songs;
*Cities - like Lexington, Boston downtown, etc;
*Glowing Sea - Day and Night times, each with it's own set of songs;

- It contains music from all of the 3 Stalker games, + some from Lost Alpha.

- I've inserted little pauses between some of the tracks, so they can blend well when one music ends and the next starts, so you might notice a 5 to 10 seconds delay between some songs.

- The mod comes with a .ba2 archive for optimum game performance, to minimize any possible audio lag.

- Audio files are converted to .xwm format, which saves a lot of space but with some quality loss (almost unoticeable).

- This cannot be used in conjuction with other music replacers, as it will most likely override my .esp changes.

And now...."Good hunting, Stalker..."

All credis for this mod goes to: GSC Game World - For the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise,  Zoltan "dez" Munkacsi - and the whole team behind the beautiful Lost Alpha Mod, and Klangsegler (Marco Schink) - for the Lost Alpha's music tracks. If you can, somehow, show them all your appreciation and support!