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Adjust FOVs/PlayerScale with sliders without messing up the Terminal Display and Pipboy.

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Custom FOV and player scale will distort or cause misalignment when using terminal or entering power armor or vault door animation. The
main point of this mod is to dynamically change FOV/scale during those moments. You don't need this mod if those issues don't bother you.

This mod adds an MCM menu that allows you to easily adjust various Field of Views and Player Height in-game, without messing up the Terminal Display and Pipboy. Settings are stored and will stay after restarting the game, settings are persistent across every saves.

Currently featured:
  • 1st Person FOV
  • 3rd Person FOV
  • 3rd Person Aiming FOV
  • 1st Person Power Armor FOV
  • 3rd Person Power Armor FOV
  • Viewmodel/Weapon FOV (requires ConsoleUtil)
  • Pipboy FOV (requires ConsoleUtil)
  • Terminal/Furniture FOV
  • Player Scale
  • Power Armor Scale
  • Terminal/Furniture Scale (useful for mods that adjust character height by altering skeleton nifs)

How is this mod different/better than ini edits or console commands?

Using high FOV through console command makes the Terminals small.

Using Player.SetScale through console command causes Terminal/Power Armor/Vault door animations to misalign.

To remedy this, the mod dynamically change the FOV and Player Height via a small script to default (changeable) values when you are using Terminals/Power Armors/VaultDoorConsole.

The FOV and scale sliders are incorporated as a complete package for convenience.


Requires F4SE and Mod Configuration Menu.

Optional - Requires ConsoleUtil to adjust viewmodel/pipboy FOV.

Use your favorite mod manager to install, though I highly recommend Mod Organizer 2.

To install manually, extract the .zip files and copy everything into Fallout 4\Data folder.

Also make sure you have enabled modding by adding following lines into Fallout4Custom.ini:

This video by Gopher explains the steps well so check it out if you have trouble enabling mods.


Will not work with any mods that changes the FOV such as custom camera.

Limitations & Known Issues

High FOV values can cause massive clippings, so use high FOV at your own discrete.

The Player Height affects the movement speed and potentially melee damage. Movements speed bug occurs when you change height and can only be fixed by restarting the game. Weapon reticles are be affected at high/low values.

There is also currently no way to implement PipboyFOV, the only way to do so is through "fov xx" console command while the Pipboy is opened. This is planned and will come eventually if I found a way to implement it.


Preston Garvey
Todd Howard
F4SE team for F4SE
registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu
FudgyDuff for Console Util
Special thanks to Caites and garydunlop96 for bug testing.