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This is a quick and dirty remix of Unkut5's K-Girl shoes, made available sans outfits by Triago. Pretty much all I did was some texture customization to make them real world brands.

Permissions and credits
***This mod needs updating in regard to body compatibility, slot used, etc. Please provide suggestions in the comments section.

This is all thanks to Unkut5 for the wonderful K-Girl Outfits and Triago for making the shoes standalone via K-Girls Shoes. I have simply edited a few things to fit my personal taste. This included; texture changes, mesh changes, body slot changes, removal of shoes I did not want and removal of all unneeded textures to reduce file size. Of the (17) shoes included, I have edited (15) to look like their real world counterparts, I still haven't decided on what to do with the remaining two. This was done quick and dirty so they aren't perfect, some things look a bit off due to the way the texture is applied to the mesh, but overall they look pretty good in game.

For the full shoe assortment or accompanying outfits, get the two mods referenced above. If you enjoy this mod, please give any kudos to those authors. If you want to install all three, do so in the following order; K-Girl Outfits, K-Girls Shoes, K-Girl Shoes Remastered. When using together, use only the ESP or ESL from K-Girls Shoes, disable mine.

Notes about use:

1. Download only one file based on your body slot preference and ESL/ESP preference.

2. These need to be built in Bodyslide before using them, otherwise you will end up with invisible shoes/body. Rebuild them anytime you change your body preset.

3. Currently available in both ESL and ESP versions for body slots, 39, 40 and 57 (without body) as well as body slot 33 (with CBBEPhysics body) and body slot 33 (with CBBE non physics body).

4. If using the ESL version, it will not take up an ESP slot and thus won't count towards the total ESP max. However, if the shoes do not show up in game, make sure that the ESL is activated in your load order. As an example, some versions of NMM do not support ESL, whereas some do but you have to close NMM after installation, then go back in and manually check the ESL.

5. Some clipping may occur if using with some stocking mods. I expanded the meshes a bit but still found some stockings clipped and didn't want to make the shoes any bigger.

6. These can be crafted at a Chem station (bug fix in download section) or you can add them via console by searching for Unkut. For reference, below are simplified versions of the original names of each shoe as well as a general description (this is also available in "Data\Docs\K-Girl Shoes Modified" along with pictures of each):

Blackpink Boombayah MV (black doc martens)
Daejin Girls High School (pink/white adidas sheltoe)
Denim Jeans 1 (white converse low)
Denim jeans 2 (white/green adidas sheltoe)
Denim Overall 1 (white/black adidas sheltoe)
Denim Overall 2 (tan workboot)
Denim Shorts 1 (white/red/blue converse high)
Denim Short 2 (all white adidas sheltoe)
Denim Vest 1 (black converse low)
Jacket Chrome Heart (white/blue nike)
Jacket Gucci (white/snake adidas sheltoe)
Jacket Zara (black untied boot)
Kaywon Art Highschool (black converese high)
Oh My girl Cupid (white/black adidas sheltoe)
Pristin WeeWoo (all white nike)
Taeyeon Why Dance(blue converse high)
Cheer Up MV (black/white nike)