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Original mod by UNKUT (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/42889400)
This mod makes the shoes from the K-Girls outfits standalone, separate from the whole outfit, they now use slots 39 and 40, this way they can be used with any outfit that uses the main body slot (slot 33)

Permissions and credits
First of all, mad kudos to UNKUT for the flawless work done with the original mod, please visit his profile page and give him a kudos

What is this? Why?
I was taking a look at the newly released amazing Colorful Leggings by TyperTM but I was a bit upset that the leggings use the body slot 33, which is pretty much the main body slot for any outfit, which makes it so that you're pretty much topless and shoe-less. I fixed my issue by using the Boots from the Pampas set, as they use the leg armor slots, so they work fine. A lot of people who don't know how the armor layer system on Bethesda games work were also confused in the comments on the Colorful Leggings page. TyperTM also stated that the shoes used on the images on the mod page where from the K-Girls outfits.

So, to make life better and easier for all, I decided to make all the shoes from the K-Girls Outfits mod by UNKUT standalone and bodyslide-able! 38 shoes overall* are now standalone, you can now use the shoes and sneakers from the K-Girls mod with any outfit without going naked! The shoes all use both slots 39 and 40. Optional files are available for singular slot use.

Craftable at the Chem Station, follows the same naming scheme as the original mod.

Remember to build it to fit your body using Bodyslide, otherwise they might clip.
If you don't want to, or don't know how to build outfits to your body using Bodyslide, it comes pre-built with CBBE Curvy meshes.

*Yes, I am aware some of them are repeats, I just went through every outfit from the original mod, maybe I'll get rid of the duplicates at a later date.

You'll need to download the original mod K-Girls Outfits by UNKUT, which is a bit on the big size, I know, but that mod comes with all the textures and meshes required to make this one work, the mod is also pretty high quality, so no real reason why you shouldn't download it anyways. While you're there you might as well endorse UNKUT's mod.

If for any reason you don't want to have the original full outfits on your game, download the original mod and disable the "K-Girl outfits.esp" and just keep mine named "K-Girl Shoes.esp". That way you'll only have the shoes on your game.


UNKUT for the original mod
TyperTM for the amazing leggings that made me do this (shown on screenshots)
Ousnius and Caliente for the amazing work they do with CBBE and Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
ralfetas for the Pampas and Fortaleza sets (Belt and elbow pads on the screenshots)
dickyftw for his Pinup Outfit (gloves on the screenshots)
And anybody else I'm forgetting to mention, please go to the modders pages and give them some kudos and endorse their mods, they deserve the recognition for the work they give us freely.