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Equal parts sexy and insane.

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One save file is at the very beginning of the game, the other is at the exit of Vault 111.

  1. Unzip save file in either "My Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Saves" or "Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Saves"
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To receive Harley's outfit after you get the Pip Boy just type "player.additem 001921d6 1" into the console. Alternatively, you can just shoot a raider in the
face and take their Corset. The save file at the exit of Vault 111 already has the outfit and Harley .44 Revolver.
There is now a Save Face Ripper application. So you can take this beautiful face and transfer it without starting a new game.

Download The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition if you want the exact same eyes.

Download Harley Quinn Corset retexture.

Download Harley Quinn Baseball Bat retexture

Download BUSTY figure enhancer.

  Download Wasteland Salon- Hair Texture Improvement Mod.

Download Harley Texture .44 Revolver retexture.

Optionally: Download Higher Female Protagonist Voice and use voice D1, that is the highest pitched voice that has zero distortion.(Thanks to cameron8161 for that recommendation)

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Poison Ivy Outfit - Multiple Colors
                                               Harley Quinn's Corset