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This adds balance to my 770 perk overhaul mod and changes the difficulty's across the board (The very easy setting is close to survival in vanilla, without the eat/drink/sleep mechanic) Survival is far more dangerous.

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Update 1.13

Returned the carry weight back to vanilla.(Didn't know reducing it also reduced dogmeats carry weight)
Special raised to 21 points
Minimum zone level is set to 1 on all zones.
Legenday rarity increased (about 5x rarer than vanilla) 

Update 1.12
Changed the experience bump at level to 300 (was 100) For slower leveling

Update 1.11
I just turned the terminal speed back down to 60 as i explore the npc adjustments it is necessary. 

Update 1.1

I am making other mods some will make the game easier,some more will make the game more difficult so i altered the damage/exp ratio's to half : Very easy = 1 x damage/exp
                                                                   Easy = 1.25 x damage/exp
                                                                   Normal = 1.5 x damage/exp
                                                                   Hard = 1.75 x damage/exp
                                                     Very Hard = 2 x damage/exp
                                                                   Survival = 2.25 x damage/exp (old)
                                                                   Survival = 2.5 x damage/exp  (new)

 Changed npc health by 3x increase, sounds a lot but a hermit crab would gain + 20 health over 100 levels.

Player changes :Stren
gth carry weight has been decreased to 150 lbs . Adding 1 strength increases carry weight by 15 lbs. 

Starting health is still 80, Adding 1 endurance increases health by 10. Level up health is now increased 0.1 per level at 10 endurance.

Starting action points are 30 (half),Adding 1 agility increases action points by 15. (10)

Reduced the level up exp base/level bump from version 1 it's still more than vanilla 300 base (200 base), 100 bump (75 bump)

Also change the experience multiplier for intelligence on normal setting : Radroach at 2 intelligence = 17 exp
                                                                                                                           Radroach  at 10 intelligence = 24 exp

Had a quick run through sanctuary on survival, you level up before you leave the vault and the special book makes + 2 strength, if you started with 2 points in every stat that would be 4 strength and the balance felt right, a little easier than i'm used to but there is more to come.

Version 1

I didn't touch the combat AI, Settlement  or Companion settings.

Starting Special Points = 14

Legendary Rarity Increased

Max Zone levels increased from 999 >>> 65500 

Min Zone levels increased apart from zone 1

Exp for level increased / most exp is reduced apart from kills , kills are multiplied by level difficulty

Level damage and exp multiplier : Very easy = 2 x damage/exp
                                                            Easy = 2.5 x damage/exp
                                                            Normal = 3 x damage/exp
                                                            Hard = 3.5 x damage/exp
                                                            Very hard = 4 x damage/exp
                                                            Survival = 4.5 x damage/ exp  (You have 2 in the settings i think this is the old version)
                                                            Survival =  5 x damage/exp  (Now you need a settlement to hide in)

Terminal speed has been increased from 60 to 90, this will speed up the game.

Starting health is 80, at level 10 and 10 endurance health will  = 81  at level 1000 you will have about 189 health.

Enemy health is also down, for example in vanilla a hermit crab can get to around level 5800 before it's health starts counting as a negative, somewhere around 30,000 health.

Now a hermit crab at level 65500 is 4154 health (at spawn its around 3500 health) So now you can level passed 999 and still have enemy's to fight.

Cell respawns are set to 30 days.

Vendor respawns are set to 7 days.

Vat's critical charge rate is reduced.

Action point regeneration is slower. (From 5 to 8)

Entering a rad area is slightly more dangerous. I think around 200 ish rad resistance if you fall in a pool.

Level scaling for the easy/med/hard/very hard encounters has been increased.  
Healing time for stimpacks / radaway is survival setting on all difficulties. 

This should make the end game with my 770 perk overhaul a bit better,as you are far too powerful without it.                                           
 My other mod : The 770 Perk Tree Overhaul (dlc and awkcr)       

                              The 770 B.A.D.Robots