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Makes Fusion Cores and/or Stimpaks much more rare.

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NOTE: If you didn't start a new game with this mod already enabled, you need to wait to up to 2 in-game weeks (in vanilla) for leveled lists/vendors to reset. Otherwise you will still find several Fusion Cores/Stimpaks at vendors.

A sequel, if you will, to my mod Rarer Fusion Cores. I bring you Ultra Rare Fusion Cores & Stimpaks.

The function of this mod is simple: in any given scenario, you have a 10% chance to find a Fusion Core or Stimpak, where normally the chance would range from 25%-85%. This includes scenarios such as bathroom cabinets, medkits, Raiders, and even vendors. This is meant to prevent the stockpiling of these items as not to make the game too easy. If you find yourself intentionally leaving Fusion Cores or Stimpaks behind at settlements in an effort to add difficulty where the game has not, this mod is for you.

Why 10%? Because my mission with this mod was to stack the odds against you, given that in the vanilla game you can stockpile several hundreds of these items. I wanted to make it so at most you have tens, not hundreds. A solid, scary, 90% chance to find nothing seemed like a nice fit to me.

Regarding Fusion Cores, this mod fixes a scenario that would occur too often, where the player would find 3-4 Fusion Cores stacked on top of each other in a container. This is because the game identifies these as "Gatling Laser" ammunition rather than Power Armor batteries, thus giving you an extreme excess of Fusion Cores if you don't use the Gatling Laser (if you do, I'd recommend Gatling Laser Ammo Improvement, which gives Gatling Lasers their own ammo completely separate from the same Fusion Cores used for Power Armor).

Additionally, this mod addresses some issues with my previous mod, Rarer Fusion Cores: such as when the player was supposed to be given a Fusion Core as a reward, they would get nothing. This also includes the fix for where the Fusion Core needed for the quest "When Freedom Calls" was missing.

Because I can't remove Fusion Cores the game needs a 100% chance for as rewards, I've also reduced the chance of finding Fusion Cores at vendors to 10%, of which the previous mod didn't do. So rather than simply being obligated to purchase your Fusion Cores, you will simply find less Fusion Cores overall.

Regarding Stimpaks, this mod eliminates some scenarios where the player would have 2 chances of finding a Stimpak (one by itself, and one with other chems), and all scenarios where the player was guaranteed to find a Stimpak (I.E. in medkits along with other items, this shouldn't cause the same issue Fusion Cores had where you aren't getting them as a reward). I've removed Stimpaks from the "generic medical item" list which was often used as the 2nd chance where players would find a Stimpak with other items, and made other leveled lists that referenced this generic medical item list to just give the player their one 10% chance of finding a Stimpak on its own (meaning sometimes you'll find other medical items in medkits, but no Stimpaks).

Provided are 3 versions of this mod:
  • Reduce the chance of finding Fusion Cores and Stimpaks to 10%
  • Reduce the chance of finding Fusion Cores to 10%
  • Reduce the chance of finding Stimpaks to 10%.
Pick whichever one works best for you.