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Tarsis31 and Yagisan's Red Rocket Settlements is an updated, and converted version of the original Red Rocket Settlements by Tarsis31. Made with the gracious permission of Tarsis31.

PreVis and Precombines have been created, and these settlements are compatible with Sim Settlements 2, and the Previsibines Repair Pack.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
The original Red Rocket Settlements was a welcome mod, adding many new settlement locations. However, it had some issues. With the gracious permission of Tarsis31 I took version 1.5 of his mod, and set about changing and fixing the things that bugged me most.

Primary Differences
  • Tarsis31 and Yagisan's Red Rocket Settlements is an ESL flagged ESP file. It does not take up a load order slot.
  • I fixed all deleted records, and removed all identical to master records.
  • I removed the Red Rocket Settlements "settler"
  • I removed all Automatron requirements and the broken edit to Automatron Quests.
  • I fixed broken physics record errors in Far Harbor.
  • I restored the Lexington Laundromat Door.
  • I hand cleaned unneeded wordspace edits.
  • I replaced, and consolidated the Workshop activation script.
  • I harmonised all Red Rocket workshops with the base fallout 4 Red Rocket Workshop.
  • All Red Rocket Settlements in the Commonwealth and Far Harbor can no longer recruit brahmin. This includes the vanilla Red Rocket.
  • Commonwealth Red Rocket settlements, excluding Glowing Sea are candidates for Minutemen radiant quests, like the vanilla Red Rocket.
  • Far Harbor Red Rocket settlements are not candidates for Minutemen radiant quests, like the vanilla Far Harbor settlements.
  • Red Rocket Glowing Sea Player Home now has a full workbench.
  • New PRP-style precombines generated.
  • Correct Workshop Borders
  • PRP Compatible version available.
  • Fixed Red Rocket meshes from ViitS

Support Me

Important Information:

Please check Known Conflicts and adjust your load order as needed before reporting conflicts, thank you.

Many "conflicts" can be fixed by making some small changes to your load order, to allow the remade precombines and previs in these settlement locations to show up, and to ensure other mods do not overwrite the vital settlement data.

Commonwealth Settlement Locations:

Red Rocket Lexington
Red Rocket Natick
Red Rocket Fort Hagen
Red Rocket Glowing Sea
Red Rocket Cambridge
Red Rocket Kendall
Red Rocket Nahant
Red Rocket Boston
Red Rocket South Boston
Red Rocket Quincy
Red Rocket Atom Cats
Red Rocket Quick Fill
Red Rocket Express

Far Harbor Settlement Locations:

Red Rocket Far Harbor
Red Rocket National Park
Red Rocket South West Harbor

Please note that Far Harbor locations will recruit Commonwealth Settlers. This avoids the Far Harbor doctor dialogue bug, but may break "immersion".

Tarsis31 and Yagisan's Red Rocket Settlements was forked off from Tarsis31's Red Rocket Settlements version 1.5.