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This mod affects many things in-game. They're all simple corrections and/or additions applied wherever I happen to notice the need for it.

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                                                   version 5.6
241 leveled lists; 75 NPCs; 37 perks; 20 game settings; 79 ingestibles; 54 armor + 140 addons; 54 miscellaneous items; 35 constructibles.

This is a general purpose fixer upper mod.  I haven't made changes to NoVim & NoVim-Load since #46; I've as usual gone to far making changes once I realized I had a few loose ends.  Fixed some internal errors and included a number of Nuka-Cola machines' REFRs adding their respective LVLI to get pop bottles into them.  Now both Coast & NukaWorld DLCs' Vim & Nuka-Cola machines have disappeared while overwriting their CELL -=> REFR.  I offer this solution to people who need those machines versus getting their bottles; it would be nice to get them all working but:  Using xEdit or other variable editor one opens up this plugin and removes those abovementioned CELL REFRs contained in the 'header' portion of it.  This will remove all my overwrites getting my leveled lists containing their ALCH products into those machines becuase apparently Bethesda isn't really supporting it anymore.  It's an AGING game not quite old by programming standards but getting there.

1 -=> I changed their Sneak Perk rank 5 to eliminating the invisible effect when crouching.

2 -=> I fixed their Advanced Skeleton Perk 3 by adding their falling damage modifier.

3 -=> I made their Pain Train Perk work without Power Armor obviously it still requires sprinting.

4 -=> I may have fixed their Trouble Brewin' quest wherein one keeps Buddy but their quest never ends; it always indicates you should be delivering it to Rufus.  A simple embedded variable flag switch should fix it.  I think I fixed this with that one flag setting.  I interacted with Rufus and he wanted to buy it off me; it appears to be working properly now.

5 -=> Fixed a couple of bugs involving Mass Fusion Bldg. traps.  A can chimes trap on first floor never disappeared when one deactivated it; a bathroom scale trap on third floor doing the same thing when deactivated.  They both had a series of embedded layers (LAYR?) that I didn't understand and weren't included in any other trap similarily situated in other cells.  I therefore copied their other traps' variables and it works now.

6 -=> I made most if not all Institute miscellaneous items (MISC) more scrappable.  I added Dirty Water to constructible objects made from a Purified Water & a piece of Nuclear Material.

7 -=> I made scrapping a Synth Component worth while by adding circuitry, nuclear material, gold, screw, copper, crystal, fiberglass & ceramic onto its components list.

8 -=> I made power lines are 3 times longer.

9 -=> I caused faster Stimpaks to be applied by replacing the variable calling up the animation graphics with a "null reference".

10 -=> I removed their load screen animations because it robs processing power; I did the samething as with Stimpaks, replaced a reference with a nullity.

11 -=> I've attempted several times to fix the Inspirational perk rank two by reducing damages from ALL 'incoming weapons'.  I've also attempted several times to contain explosions' damages within this perk without apparent success.

12 -=> I overwrote many containers; this is also manipulated through their respective leveled lists.  I've put at 50% soap, toothpaste & toothbrushes into looting mirrors for instance; Synth Component in toolboxes, etc..

13 -=> I've eliminated certain effects that happen upon death, or 'death effects'.  No more blurriness, time delays or, camera panning effects.

14 -=> LEVELED LISTS -=> I overwrote many vendors' shipment options to include more of them.  I've overwritten many of their lists adding items and additional embedded lists to cause more food, drinks, weapons, caps, ammo, legendaries, etc.

15 -=> I added all their NukaWorld colas to a leveled list (LVLI) used by many things like Coolers, Lunchboxes & Boss Trunks to name almost all of them.

16 -=> I added Nuka-Orange & Nuka-Grape to Nuka-Cola Machines and made it 1 out of 4 (25%) versus their 1 out of 5 (20%) for them showing up at random in a machine.  This only works in the main game, none of the DLCs' machines make it when I overwrite them to include their bottles.  Dammit!  Actually no machine that has bottles qualified into them make it; in NukaWorld their videos & sounds do (floating in midair with a disembodied voice); all others are empty or broken and they appear fine, some even have bottles in them as well.

17 -=> I increased all terminals' display speed to 30x normal.

18 -=> I increased the workshop generators to 5, 9 & 13 respectively.

19 -=> I increased the power radiating from the game's power conduit connectors including making the small power pylon radiate at twice the normal amount.

20 -=> I increased value of the basic workshop foods (flora; ALCH), also increased the value default of 6 to 10 for Settlers harvesting & defense but, I cannot get this to work properly.  I believe there's another variable overriding my overwrite.

21 -=> I made Fortune Finder's "cap explosion" (sort of a cap stash) to be on the -big- side, so around 100 each time instead of around 20; it also affected the "cap stash" as well.

22 -=> Where are the four Vim Recipes?  I've decided not to bother putting actual objects in-game to attach as a visual for having gotten access to these recipes which is hidden from player's view until a cooking station is used for beverages.  Samething is happening with Vim Paint Job Schematics; its a global valued keyworded hidden item until using a power armor workstation then their two paint jobs show up.  I may require them to have their respective color of paint in order to be constructed.  I think there're only eight cans of red paint in the whole of NukaWorld where it shows up for the first-time.

23 -=> I added a "Mutt Stew" to recipe soups for making Mongrel Dog Meat more useful.

24 -=> I added Synthetic Spaghetti & Synthetic Steak to make the Synthetic Gorilla Meat useful, especially after I've take the time to include it into double meats.  The spaghetti cures Mole Rat Disease with some radiation & health benefits.  The steak provides for Mysterious Serum like benefits.

25 -=> I fixed a bug with Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts; they're not scrappable now.

26 -=> I fixed a bug with the Relay Dish using a Sensor Module; it never did and now it does.

27 -=> I added or fixed Mutant Hound's extra meat in the Wasteland Survival Guide's perk, I think... it shows up to a GLOB (hardcoded) variable.

28 -=> Fixed the Mole Rat's extra meat collection by adding the leveled list for it into its 'container' leveled list. They have the extra meat variable (a LVLI), but someone forgot to place it into the Mole Rat's loot (its container; another leveled list).

29 -=> I fixed all meat categories to include their respective extra meats global game setting.  I think I've done this completely now with all the bigger DLC's incorporated.

30 -=> I've incorporated their Synthetic Gorilla Meat into extra meats.

31 -=> I've incorporated Cat Meat into extra meats.  I removed another entry I'd caused to be written duplicating the Cats' leveled list upon death.

32 -=> I've overwritten their Bloodbug Extra Meat because it never worked even though it's already written into their game.  I've gotten this fixed using what I figured out with Far Harbor's Gulper & Angler meats.  They caused the meat to be restricted from being called up so it rarely if ever showed up.  I overwrote it just like their Bloatfly below with the same results.

33 -=> I overwrote their Bloatfly Extra Meat because it only worked sometimes, now it's giving two or three meats when looting bloatfly corpses instead of one or none.  I've gotten this fixed using what I figured out with Far Harbor's Gulper & Angler meats.  For whatever reason they put the meat in another leveled list and limited another so it never would get called up.  I overwrote it to make it like several others of its like.

34 -=> I overwrote Valentine's Robco Fun Magazine (BOOK) in an attempt to get it to stop respawning; it's not fixed.  If one doesn't pick it up until Nick comes back to the office the first time, then it won't respawn.

35 -=> I 'beefed up' the Minutemen.  I provided them with a wider selection of clothes, armor & weapons.  I also increased (SPECIALs =5pnts./ea.) their standard actor values for their NPC_Template governing Minutemen (I think).  I caused them to be classed by weapons (auto vs. non-auto & musket) for their looting (rich vs. poor) too.

36 -=> I added a blue bandana to Gunners' dogs; a stars & stripes to Minutemen; a couple (not Gunners') to Raiders and so on.

37 -=> I fixed Medic perk & Medicine bobblehead (which is really a perk) to include the same effect for Robot Repair Kits from their Automatron (Robot) DLC.

38 -=> Repeated from #16; I'm working on getting their Vim Machines to work like their Nuka-Cola Machines; i caused their DLCs' Vim & NukaCola Machines to disappear while getting vim ingestibles into them.  On the up side: the bottles show up (25% of the time) in their machines' place, some floating in midair...  I'm getting closer; the machines sadly are not there but their working video image & sounds are when the chance for bottles makes the machine disappear.

39 -=> I manipulated all the conditions attached to all visual detections used to detect life to speed up their response times.

40 -=> I made a leveled shipments list and incorporated my Shipments' leveled list (LVLI) into all trash receptacles & mailboxes, boss trunks, washers & dryers, ice chests, newsstands & metal boxes; naming most of them.

41 -=> I increased the first two workshop watering sources to 5 & 15 respectively.

42 -=> I've significantly quieted down: Settlements' Turrets & Generators; NPCs' hammering; Dogmeat's constant whimpering & whining; Perks (Idiot Savant, Grim Reaper & Four Leaf Clover); this is an optional addition.

43 -=> I've added player's footstep sounds; this is an optional addition.

44 -=> I've silenced their Perk Menu's sound; this is an optional addition.

45 -=> I've removed their greenish glow associated with Recon & Night Vision Scopes.

46 -=> I put their "player perk" onto all companions and found some of them had but one perk in their NPC variable; I removed that perk and put in some others I'd found.  Almost makes them better than before with whatever mod I was using to increase NPCs' capabilities.  A perk can be inserted into a NPC without regard to other ranks of same.

47 -=> Increased the commonwealth map's contrast to cause the roads to show up better; this is an optional addition.

48 -=> Fixed some clothes missing some of their KYWD designations.  I changed some of these back to their vanilla settings as I misinterpreted certain keywords and their results were unpredictable & unstablizing.

49 -=> Fixed some more leveled lists effecting scraps & vendors; Synth Component wasn't attached to its corresponding leveled list; in fact it was empty.  Probably fallout's unofficial patch fixes these things too which I've removed from my list because it's been updated beyond my DLCs.  I found more Synth NPCs with their 'death item' category containing a LLD_Raider leveled list instead of their LLD_Synth one; I've also had to fix that because it didn't have anything in it which is why some Synthetics didn't have a component to loot!

50 -=> Added Valentine's body KYWD to some armor addon (ARMA) variables; now he can cloth (ARMO) himself with something else.

51 -=> I added another rank to Rad Resistant perk for rank 5 +50pnt. bonus making it equivalent to Refractor rank 5 bonus; I've no reason for Bethesda's actions for this, it doesn't make any sense to have the one resistance that deals with radiation all over the common-property (i.e. wealth) not as high or higher than others.

52 -=> I made their global variable (GLOB) for ChanceLegendary to be what I believe is 20% instead of a 0% chance.  I attempted several other 'chance_none' settings but I misinterpreted their effects and got some interesting results.  Nothing unstable, just different like in this case with higher values almost every NPC was legendary; it got to be pretty annoying.

53 -=> I made a leveled list for all of NukaWorld's grenades and put it into one specific list calling up all explosives.  I thought about making them all independently listed out and then placing each one(1) of seven(7) into said explosives list.  Two(2) other lists where changed to encompass those extra grenades too.  I separated out their MIRV grenades into its own list with all the rest in another because of another leveled list using even more embedded grenades' lists which caused them to show up more often and in greater quanities.

54 -=> I changed a few more creatures' upon death leveled lists to make them like most of the others; 10% chance for caps; 15% chance for junk; the usual meats plus extra if you've got the perk.  A 50% chance to acquire items specific to said creature; e.g. Radroaches have a piece of basic raw food while Mutant Hounds have a piece of raw meat; both may show up half the time or at 50%, the same with stingers, glands, eggs, skins, etc..

55 -=> I made "Crispy Iguana Bits" to make Iguana Bits as useful as Squirrel Bits.

56 -=> I changed their Explosives Expert bobblehead from +15% damages to +25% damages, +10% range.

57 -=> I added a fifth(5th) rank to Demolition Expert causing player's thrown explosives to travel 50% farther.  Be careful with this one; one may end up with grenades thrown well past their intended target.

58 -=> I fixed Far Harbor's Angler & Gulper extra meat categories; I don't remember what I changed, it was something like they'd added another meat "chance none" under another embedded leveled list.  I think I just removed one of those said extra categories for both creatures.  Fog Crawlers had an addition 50% chance for meat, I removed it to make this comply with all other meats except Queen Mirelurks & Nukalurks.

59 -=> I added Flying Soldier Ant Swarm to extra meats so it works with the rest of `em. I made an "Swarm on a Stick" ingestible (ALCH) to give it something to do in-game.  They'd created the meat category but didn't put it into the NPC's variable.  They also didn't have an extra meat variable for it.  They also had their NPC's 'death item' as their Rad Ant's death item.

60 -=> I'm hoping I fixed their indoor planters' harvest where they appear to have multiple plants growing but only one(1) gets returned to inventory when "harvesting" them.  I couldn't find where they're at in game but did find a grouping of leveled listed that may be the ones used to show the ingestible (ALCH).  I haven't gotten anywhere with this fix.

61 -=> I overwrote their Radroaches' leveled list called up upon death to make it similar to Stingwings, Bloodbugs (now), Bloatflies (now), and others.  I haven't checked now that I think about it; I'll have to go through them and even them out like I've done many of the other leveled lists I've overwritten.  They're all very similar now.

62 -=> I noticed Strong Man rank two(2) perk didn't have anything actually changing a player's carryweight so I copied their 25# spell and doubled its magnitude inserting that back into their overwritten perk.

63 -=> I added a third(3rd) & fourth(4th) rank to V.A.N.S. perk for +2 luck & +2 intelligence respectively.

64 -=> I added a third(3rd) rank to Awareness perk making for a 10% increase in VATS.

65 -=> I changed their Speech bobblehead from 100 caps to 500 caps.  I don't know why they put in such a ridiculously low value here so I increased it.

66 -=> I made "Grilled Ghoul" to give their meat category something to do.  I made an extra meat for it and attached it through the NPC as a 'death item' which is the leveled list used to attach looting items.  I caused this to be restricted to one out of five times for their meat and an additional one out of five times for an extra meat to appear.

67 -=> I overwrote almost (if not all) all of their in-game 'meats' to remove their crafting sound variable from them; some other categories were overwritten as well to remove or add various 'sounds' for their use, crafting or, picking up.

68 -=> I overwrote their ingestibles for cold beers & sodas to increase their values over their respective warm counterparts.  Then I noticed their sodas were the same... then I noticed their Quantum soda didn't have its addictiion attached so I attached it.  I remembered coming across it while 'surfing' through the spells variables, it seems like a good idea to attach it since it's there.

69 -=> I caused Super Mutants to have 50% more damages instead of their in-game 25%.  I caused companions to have +2× damages as well.

70 -=> I added a third(3rd) rank to AquaBoy(Girl) perk(s) making swimming 25% faster; I pulled their in-game Wastelander's magazine's effect and put it into another perk rank.

71 -=> I fixed Hermit Crab Hatchlings' looting to show a single piece of meat similar to Mirelurk Hatchlings.  I had to create a leveled list to attach to their NPC.

I CONTINUE MY ATTEMPTS AT GETTING BOTTLES INTO THEIR RESPECTIVE dlc's MACHINES... see above at least in NukaWorld I see the video & sound has followed the bottles but not the goddamn machine that actually get them into the cell!  This is driving me crazy.

For manual installs only, one merely uncompresses the main .esp file into their Fallout\Data\ directory; I no longer support other versions.  The Data\Sound\ directory has a number of alternate sound files for substitution.  One can select whatever one wants and add it to their Data\Sound\ directory; sounds are all optional; chose & use at your pleasure.  If you're bothered by having bottles in place of their machines (not the empties or broken ones; they're fine) in Far Harbor & Nuka World you'll have to manually remove the overwrites contained in the plugin's header portion.  At the bottom of the header there are a number of References (REFR) making those machines show up in various Cell & Worldspace locations with my added leveled lists for calling up those bottles.  Just delete them and their machines should... (I've never done this myself) show up again albeit without any of their random bottles.