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Seek meaningful employment in this fully voiced quest mod.

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Embark on a quest to discover the cause of a raft of disappearances, and find yourself swept up into an exciting and musical journey! Featuring puzzles, multiple ways to play, and chances for personal growth and enrichment.

1 Fully voice acted quest!
510 lines of dialogue!
2 Hours of gameplay!
Multiple endings!
Oodles of player choice!
4 sing-alongs!
Dynamic naps!

1.) Go to Diamond City Bounty Boards (either at the Dugout Inn, or to left of Swatters), pick up the note 'open notice' the quest should start after adding it to inventory and reading it.

2.) Go to the Dartmouth Professional Building, take the elevator. You'll know when the quest starts. 

1.) The Far Harbor DLC 
2.) Recommended for level 15 and above characters.
3.) The narrative of this mod is built for a solo experience. As such, you should dismiss your companion before embarking on it - if you should choose not to do so, the mod will dismiss your companion for you back to their last place of recruitment (the settlement last assigned, or their initial place of recruitment) upon entering the Dartmouth Professional Building.



I would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this mod possible. Without your contributions 
this never would have happened. Your kindness and enthusiasm helped make this mod something truly special.

Voice Acting Credits:

The Invisible Davis - Dying Noises
djowalsen - Bill
gnetlemant-rex - Ship's PA
Kilosandwich - Captain

Development Credits:

The Fallout 4 New Vegas Team - Assistance and feedback. You know what you did! 
The Fallout Cascadia Team - You know you what you did.
gir489 - S.S. Memester Beamster 420blazeit - Scripting assistance, memes. 
Gilles "Sagittarius" Muller -Scripting assistance, looking good in sunglasses. LinkedIn  Sagittarius Entertainment 
shavkacagarikia- Scripting assistance
ShadowLiger - Asset sorcerer 
LelDorado - Thing-unbreaker
Wanamingo - Skeletal Wizard of the Southern Cone
Metamoth - Counter-optimization, narrative assistance & lyrical interference, credit quality assurance, pseudo naval safety advisor 
SpaceTimeBender - Lighting Witch
Kilosandwich - I like boats.

Quality Assurance Credits - A Special thanks to everyone who found most of the problems before the public did.

Food Ninja
Felim  O'Sainem

Music Credits

"Hello Ma Baby!" - Bing Crosby, 'Join Bing In A Gang Song Sing Along', Warner Brothers 1961
"The Drunken Sailor" - Leonard Warren, RCA Red Seal Records 1949
"The Charleston" - Bob Wilson and His Varsity Rhythm Boys, 'Down Memory Lane - The Roaring '20s', Readers Digest 1970
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" - Pat and Shirley Boone, 'Side By Side', Dot 1959
"Aint We Got Fun" - Johnny Maddox, 'Crazy Otto Piano', London Records 1960
"Toot Toot Tootsie!" - The Buffalo Bills Quartet, 'Barber Shop!', Decca 1953
"Limehouse Blues" - Mrs. Mills, 'Back To The Roaring 20's with Mrs. Mills', Parlaphone 1969
"After You've Gone" - Ruth Etting, 1927
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" - Henry Burr and the Peerless Quartet, 1911

The music provided in this mod is, as per United States law, in the Public Domain.
It is provided with the understanding that it is legal in the legal jurisdiction of the mod author, and as such may not be legal to download in some jurisdictions.
Please consult your local laws if there are any concerns about the music found in this mod

How do I unlock all the endings?
'Good Ending': Be a good, punctual employee. Follow the helpful instructions you're given, and make sure to enjoy your new job!

'Bad Ending': Do all you can to slack off and ignore the advice given to you by your boss. You're just here to collect a paycheck.

'Normal' Ending: If you do not explicitly meet the criteria above you will get the normal ending.

Each of these play through styles in turn has the same major choice at the end, but the entirety of the dialogue changes from the meeting onward.

How do I dynamically nap?

Like anybody in a dynamic work environment, you might find yourself needing to sleep. Just pick a nice comfy mattress, and take a nap! Keep in mind, however, that your boss may take issue with your lackadaisical work ethic...

I woke up on the roof, is that it?
Yes. For better or worse, you've finished the mod and gotten your reward.

I died because of the wine!
Yes. It's drugged. It does typically non-fatal damage to your health. Simply heal up before drinking it.

Is this mod coming to X-BOX?
Yes! This mod uses no F4SE features so it should be X-BOX compatible.

I Can't Find These Songs On The Internet!
Here's a playlist of all songs used. 

I hate you so much. 
Then we have something in common! We should be friends!

Please make sure 1ECHO.esp is last in your load order

SKK AutoUnlock 
Introducing Radium Inc