Fallout 4

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A quest, a drivable train settlement, a unique kid companion, new armors and new weapons...

All on a moving train!

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1/5/2022 - Thanks everyone for playing through my mods, I'm sorry but I no longer have time to fix my mods or develop new ones. If anyone wants to take over it and fix it, modify it, expand it or use the code or models for any of your projects you have my total permission to do so. Thanks for your support and kind words in all these years it was truly a dream come true for me to have so many people enjoy my work!


- buali

Version 4 Changelog:


+ The ability to travel places like:

+ Oberland Station
+ Outpost Zimonja
+ The Third Rail
+ Diamond City
+ Egret Tours Marina
+ Nuka World
+ and more!


- Added invisible collisions in the first zone so the vertibird can behave aa bit more realisticly.
- Removed some memory pod sequence colissions.
- Redone the raider's type and spawn points to avoid stupid AI.
- Removed some unnoticeable clutter in the train's scenaries to increase performance and avoid several CTD problems.
- Made Katy's hair an unique apparel object to avoid conflict with other mods.
- Laid a better script foundation to make the development of Katy's quest a lot easier and less script heavy in the near future.

A rewarding main quest full of action that will prove your survival skills

4 new rare weapons and 3 custom outfits to find, including a very fun to use stun gun, a handheld
 flamethrower, a dress with a leather jacket and a Handsome Jack inspired outfit

Drive your train! At some point you will get your own moving train settlement where you can build in 12 flatbed cars (You can detach them if you don't want so many), customize train car style, control, call merchant trains,
and more!
(Radar quests coming soon!)

The main quest adds around 3 hours of gameplay

No train car is the same, every train car was mannually crafted to add variety, including animal cages, towns, bars and even a red light district (Raiders are weird people)

Detailed scripting and cinematics to live every moment with realism and fun

Meet Katy, a badass kid companion who excels at the art of sniping

+ Intresting sights and landscapes to make you feel immersed while  you fight your way out off the train

- Gameplays:


Project Van Buren (Interplay's cancelled Fallout 3) was going to feature trains as a main source of transportation?

In the first Fallout super mutants were mentioned to use steam trucks (uranium fission boiling-water reactor) to raid villages?

In Broken Steel (Fallout 3 DLC) a NPC with a train arm was used to simulate a moving train?

- The quest can be started by going to the old south station (follow the tracks south) or by checking the front desk file of Valentine's detective agency. Recommended min. level is 20 - 25.

- Katy is a deadly sniper, but requires something fairly obvious - distance. If you are too close to her she may panic, so make sure to get as far away from her as possible when the battle begins, so she can have a clear shot on the enemies.

- After you've unlocked the train settlement you can return to it by using the transmissor outside the old south station. The workshop is under the exit of the train's engine. Inside the train engine you will find:

- The radio: use it to call or dismiss a merchant's train, it will appear ahead of the train's engine for all your shopping needs!

- 3.1 Train car styles: To change styles or detach a train car you need to activate the car connector (A bent metal bar in the union of each train car, you can't miss it) and choose the option you want

- The radar: Here you will do random quests with your train, but this feature hasn't been implemented yet.

Q - The sound on the train stopped how can I solve this?

A - For now just exit and re enter the cell, this bug is still being worked on.

Q - The scenary is static, can I make it move again?

A - Yes, just quicksave and reload in the same cell, not more than 3 times.

Q - Will these bugs be fixed for real?

A - Of course, I'm working on a fix, but meanwhile you can use these tips.

Q - How do I get back to the train settlement?

A - You can use the door from where you stopped your train or simply call it from the Old South Train Station.

Q - I got stuck in X cell, could you write some teleportation codes so I don't have to load another save?

A - Here you go:


Inside the Train Station

coc atrainstation

The first train section

coc atrain

The fancy train car

coc atrainlied

The desert zone

coc around

The strip club

coc atrainstrip

Fog City

coc acity

New York stop

coc aNY

Final boss and your lost stuff zone

coc asnow

The driveable train

coc aendless

Unused fancy place (yet)

coc amansion

- Drag the contents of the zip to data or use your favourite mod manager

And as always...