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Handmade Ultra High-Quality textures to replace paintings in the Museum of Freedom

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Have you ever noticed of ugly and pixelated the mural paintings of the Museum of Freedom in Concord are?

Well no more!

These are my Ultra high-quality handmade textures ;) I hope you'll like the new realistic and decayed look of the painting!
Resolution is now 64 times better ! Vanilla was only 1024x256 now it is 8192x2048

------- Question you may ask -------

Q: Performance?
A: It's not a square texture, 8192x2048, resulting in a mere 16mb of VRAM, the 4K version I have included will only add 4mb of memory usage.

Q: Will you add more paintings retextures? or other dilapidated textures?
A: I plan to add more textures when I find an ugly texture that has not already been covered by the big texture pack out there. Unless I don't like re-texture.

Q: I have found an ugly texture! Can you do something about it?
A: I'm glad to help, I'll take a look and either redirect you to a mod or beautify it myself.

------ Credit -------

Dietmar Down Under for the "cracked paint texture" https://www.flickr.com/photos/dietmardownunder/3664461630
Wild Textures "Concrete Texture with some Formwork signs" http://www.wildtextures.com/free-textures/concrete-texture-with-some-formwork-signs/
FlaconOil for a plank texture from his FlaconOil ReTexture Project - Made from Scratch if you don't know this mod, go check it's one of the very best texture mod available!!