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This is just a basic trenchcoat refit/overhaul of the female variation of Elder Maxon's Battlecoat.

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this is just a basic overhaul to maxon's battlecoat. Female version only!
as I have been attempting to learn the fundamentals of modding for fallout, I wanted to try a basic mod. I wanted to change maxon's battlecoat, to a variation of the couriers coat from new vegas. I have been looking for the perfect template to go from to make my mod and eventually build it into a standalone version.

I came across AWP3RATOR"s   version of the Wanderer's Trench Coat  and thought, this would be an excellent template to start with.
so far I have completely stripped all of the extra mesh pieces out of the single mesh file I will be using, leaving only the basic trench coat for the female body. I have changed the slots for the coat so it can be worn like chest armor and not interfere with other armor and clothing pieces.
I have also made it compatible with most cbbe curvy body styles.....(as long as they're not TOO big in the bust and rear-end lol)
I have also made sure that other clothing pieces like pants ect. have minimal clipping. there still may be some clipping with certain clothing and armor pieces but this is still a work in progress.

also, note that some longer hairstyles like from commonwealth cuts will clip through the collar.

in the future I will be making many changes like:
trimming if not removing the collar.
adding color alternatives
maybe adding some other pieces to go with the coat.

Thanks to:
AWP3RATOR for creating the wanderer's trench coat https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29952
Thanks to Ousinous and Caliente for creating outfit/body slide