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How about I mark *this* on your map?

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Mod has been discontinued in favor of something that won't break the game
It's replacement is in beta here.

Might work on Fallout beta update 1.4. It might not.

For best results, don't install this mod on an inprogress save.
Never uninstall this mod from an inprogress save.

The mod works alright if you're installing it and you don't make a new save game to play with it, that's mostly handled, but there still might be issues.

The mod does not cleanly come off a save. It makes pretty large changes to the way the minutemen faction works behind the scenes, and the minutemen stop working if you play with the mod and then uninstall it.

It's like. What. Seriously, what's going on with this. You suddenly wake up one day and your terrible mod is all over the place. I've kind of been waiting for the G.E.C.K. to come out to fix the long standing issues with the mod, but after this I didn't have a lot of choice. Thank god I found Caprica. I have no idea how we have a working script compiler at this point, and honestly I don't care. Thanks to this the mod actually functions as it's supposed to, scripting fixed so many of the broken issues. Anyway, as to the actual mod.

If you're new to the mod page, the mod's not very complicated. It prevents Preston from giving you quests. Essentially that's all it does. You can still get quests from settlers, and from talking to settlers, but Preston doesn't force 3 quests on you at once anymore. Additionally with the mod you can disable all the quests that make you fast travel to a settlement to watch your turrets kill 3 raiders. The mod doesn't break the game anywhere, after you have 4 minutemen settlements, you'll get the Taking Independence quest to capture the castle. After 6, you'll get the Old Guns quest for your super useful artillery. And after 8, you have enough to do the minutemen ending. Pretty basic. Just a mild annoyance/meme remover.

Here's a video of the player not getting a quest from Preston. This is what life could be like for you. The other video is showing off how you can still get quests for settlements, even without Preston holding your hand.

As for installation, the mod is in the Data folder in the archive. Extract that into the Fallout 4 Data folder. If you can't understand that, use a mod manager. If you're installing from an old version, overwrite that one with this one, the old one is dead to me and doesn't work well enough.

It's important to mention that not all settlements are minutemen settlements by default. Let's say you're told to clear out a location by a settler, like Sunshine Tidings Co-Op. You can clear it out and everything, but it's not a minutemen settlement until settlers arrive. If you want to check how many minutemen settlements you have, "help minutemenowned 3" in the console will tell you.

TesVSnip was not used in the creation of this mod.