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This mod adds in street art (graffiti) by the elusive artist "Pipsy" in various locations throughout the Commonwealth, and some story elements. It is meant to be an interesting, fun, immersion-friendly and lore-compatible character addition to provide some incentive and reward for continuing to play and explore in the game.

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Who doesn't need some thought-provoking, subversive street art to liven up their continued survival in the commonwealth?

Enter Pipsy, commonwealth street artist. 

Insightful and often irreverent, the elusive Pipsy has made more than a few artistic expressions about existence and the state of affairs in our little corner of the post-apocalypse. This artwork is scattered around the commonwealth, making us think, making us question our assumptions, or just making us laugh...
This mod adds in some interesting and hopefully fun street art into the game. They are spread around the map to provide something else to look forward to or some pleasant surprises as you wander the game. Appropriate for dusty ol' characters or for new play-throughs.

There are many more than are shown in the images above - while I want to show them, I don't want to spoil the discovery of them. The art is intended to be lore-compatible and immersion-assisting. It is (clearly) inspired by the many great works of
Banksy for fun, but it's in the current FO4 world and Pipsy's art is relevant to life in the Commonwealth. The mod also contains some supporting story elements for immersion purposes and some quest elements to help locate the artwork and help out with the puzzle/scavenger hunt aspect of the mod.

The mod adds some texture sets and some nifs for the art and some all-vanilla/no-DLC objects.

See the videos section for the review by Al Chestbreach in his mod reviews! Thanks Al!

Version 2.0 includes some important additions and fixes:

- More art
- Cleaned with FO4Edit v4.0.1
- Eliminated edits that broke precombines to avoid any associated performance impacts. Does NOT break precombines.
- Added some quest elements for fun and to help you get started locating the art, and with the puzzle that's there for you to piece together
There is a water service pump shed not far from the Sanctuary bridge down by the edge of the water with a Pipsy on it. Chapter 1 kicks off when you walk within line of sight of it. It guides you to a couple of the clues that help you locate some art. There are fragments of a code painted within or near some (but not all) of the art. Collect them all, see what you can make of it!

- Added a couple things I forgot to pack in Version 1.0 that are cool
- Added a handful of things to the settlement menu so you can paint them yourself if you wish 
- Some other fun and useful things to find

THERE IS NOW A NOTIFICATION WHEN YOU COME UPON AN ART LOCATION, because many of them may prove easy to miss. Some locations are tagged but not painted yet, and Pipsy will be returning later to paint the art. In the places less-traveled that you may not be likely to return to, you might never know it was there. So, the notification system includes a pop-up message and Pipsy's "signature tag" to help you see where the art will be- if it's not there you can check back later and see it. 

A FEW Q and A's:
- The issue with the ones done with decals loading slowly or failing to load intermittently is a game issue (thanks Geth7n). There is a setting you can tweak in the ini files to load more decals which may help, but you can also just return to the spot where you saw the notification if it didn't load. Pipsy works fast, but sometimes they just mark their spot and come back later to paint it! ;) 
- If you have any concerns about conflict with other mods that might edit worldspaces, you can place this mod high in your load order and let the other mod(s) take precedence. Since this just adds a few elements in the various locations, odds are low there will be a limiting conflict.
- This does add a few areas of new navmesh. They are in areas very unlikely to conflict with other mods. It has tested well with many other mods that also add/edit navmesh and I've seen no issues. But please let me know if you see anything to the contrary. 
- I plan to spend some time in the near future trying to optimize the texture files more to reduce the file size as much as I can, just on principle. But as it is, it's not so bad I think, considering the number of art pieces included. 

Let me know if there are any questions, and I hope you enjoy the mod! 

Very special thanks:
to vault75 for your Sorry about your wall mod, which showed me this could actually be done, and for the generous help
yet again to ousnius for all the amazing tools, in this case the material editor
to vronykah for the help and inspirations (and her mods are amazing)
to jacoboriley for all your help testing and helping me iron out ideas
to zachtan1234 for continued mod help and encouragement (same)
to all the amazing artists on the Nexus who share their incredible work, and especially
BlackMaid, 0nelazyBattlemaga, hammersmcp, AGreatWeight, Heaventhere, cormell, SomewhatWindy, and RipperTheJakk, who've been inspirational and have allowed me to use their art or helped me test the mod and bounce ideas. (I'm very sorry if I'm failing to mention anyone right now, I don't mean to! There are other artists credited within the mod, I hope you will play it to see!)
to napoleanofthestump and Excellentium for all their work fostering community art on the Nexus 
ElminsterAU et al for FO4Edit
jonwd7 for Bethesda Archive Extractor
to Bethesda and to NexusMods 

And of course, endless thanks to Banksy. So many amazing works. I hope he wouldn't mind this little homage, and can only dream that maybe he even plays Fallout and might get a real kick out of this...