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Model swaps all Radium Rifles with Michau2's AR70 weapon mod. Optional plugins for submachine guns available

Permissions and credits
Replaces all vanilla radium rifles (and submachine guns if you choose) with Michau2's AR70 weapon mod. Overwrites "AR70 Assault Rifle.esp". Michau2's AR70 weapon mod is REQUIRED for assets. Nuka World DLC required for all plugins. Far Harbor DLC required for plugins replacing the radium rifle.

Replaced weapons will be named "AR70 Assault Rifle" in-game

While not required, I recommend you use hitman47101's Right Handed Nuka World AK Replacer: It replaces the vanilla handmade rifle animations and is compatible with all weapons that use vanilla handmade rifle animation keywords (such as the AR70 as well is this mod)

1. Download and install: AR70 Assault Rifle by Michau2 - 

2. Make sure the esp for that mod is activated and all the assets from it are in your Fallout 4 data folder

3. Install this mod. Select the replacers you want in the installer and click finish

4. Make sure your mod manager overwrites the original esp. You must allow your mod manager to overwrite any files for the replacer to work

5. Done

Simply uninstall with your mod manager, but remember: the golden rule of modding is not to uninstall anything mid-game. This mod makes data changes that may be irreversible, so you may have to load a previous save that hasn't seen this mod.

Known Issues  

The unique "Silver Shroud Submachine Gun" will not be replaced correctly. Avoid using this weapon when using any plugin replacing submachine guns.

Mods Used
(Required) AR70 Assault Rifle by Michau2 - 

(Not required, highly recommended) Right-Handed Nuka-World AK Replacer by hitman47101 -

All thanks goes to Michau2 for creating his AR70 weapon mod
I understand he speaks Japanese and its probably difficult to contact him, but his weapon mod is just really damn good.

- Plate carrier in screenshots is from the thread "Resident Evil Military Pack" by EvTital. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- Eye pro ballistic glasses in screenshots is from the thread "Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack" by kjh1222b. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"