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Mod adds mannequins with a human appearance to showcase clothes, poses and animations.

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Mannequins do not move, they do not disappear, the animation is not discarded. Use any pose or animation that you yourself install.
Added 200 female dummies and 100 male dummies.
Each dummy has only its own animation and a customizable face.One mannequin - one animation, one appearance.
How to change the appearance of a dummy? - It is necessary to approach the mannequin and press the "R"
In fashion, all animation files consist only of dance, so we download the mod with poses and replace the files you need.
For example, take a pose Gunpose001.hkx and rename AF001.hkx. and then put it in the desired folder
Female animation is here - Fallout 4\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\AK\Female\
Male animation is here - Fallout 4\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\AK\Male\
Female poses AF (001-200) .hkx
Men's poses MF (001-100) .hkx

Known bugs:
 Falling to the desktop in workshop mode - the problem occurs when we select the mannequin from the menu of the menu "Mannequins",
but without creating it we start moving.Solving the problem:Create a Mannequin without walking in Workshop mode. Then you just drag it somewhere you need it.

For those who have installed the mod version 1.1:
Be sure to remove two files from the folder - Data \ Meshes \ actors \ character \ characterassets \ - MannequinRaceFacialBoneRegionsMale.TXT
and the file MannequinRaceFacialBoneRegionsFemale.TXT, they are no longer needed.

Fallout 4
DLC Wasteland Workshop

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