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It Dispenses Med-X, It Talks and It's from Fallout 3

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Wellcome to yet another classic Fallout recreation, the Prototype Medic Power Armor from Fallout 3 in Commnwealth for you to enjoy

The MP-47/A Prototype Medic Power Armor is Back! I love unique Power Armor so to complete the set of uniques I decided to recreate the Medic Armor. I gained help from an extremely talented Scripter Rhutos here on nexus and the end result is a Talking, Med-X dispensing, Enemy detecting power armor many of us no doubt know.

The armor has the Shoulder Decals and they remain even if you change paint jobs as they were iconic to only this armor in Fallout 3. The Voice lines are plenty but currently does not possess the originals since I have not the tools or the voice to recreate them and taking them from Fallout 3 would be illegal, so for now you have to settle for Mister Gutsy but if anyone out there can create them please contact me.

Med-X is dispensed when below 33% Health and every 3 Hours in game time. The way Medic Pump has changed in Fallout 4 makes it so that unlike in the original you can get addicted to the Med-X but that shouldn't be a problem in this game.

Download Options
You have two choices of download, With a Quest and Without. Enjoy the Power Armor!

Tools Used

3D Studio Max and Nif Plugs
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Material Editor

Rhutos for the Scripts! Seriously, He has some mad skills!
Bethesda for the Construction Kit and the Assets used
and the community for all the tools without this would not be possible.

Version History
1.0 - Initial Release