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Converts nearly all of the settlers added by the excellent Recruitable Settlers into leaders for Sim Settlements Rise of the Commonwealth.

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This mod converts nearly all (49 of 50) of the settlers added by the excellent Recruitable Settlers by Socharis into leaders for Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. The only settler not eligible was Nuka Buddy, but having a walking vending machine as a settlement leader wouldn't make much sense anyway. I did my best to select leader traits that matched up with the bio provided for each settler, but this was admittedly difficult in several cases so the traits might not match up exactly. I haven't tested every single NPC, but I have tested at least one from each world space. (vanilla Fallout, Far Harbor, and Nuka World) There is both an .esp and an .esl version available.

A list of each leader and their traits can be found in the Articles tab.

If you find any bugs please don't hesitate to let me know!