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Lets you build anything in interior workshops.

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**This is a fan made modification made with unofficial tools. Use this at your own risk, and back up all save files and mods before using.**

This tiny mod allows you to build any settlement item you want in interior workshops.

The only exceptions are settlement objects that have very specific restrictions. For example, the game does not allow you to build artillery or animal cages in interiors.... for good reason. If there was ever an object that should be able to be built but can't, it would be super easy to update the mod. Just let me know.

Anything that uses the default interior workbench will benefit from this mod. This includes homes added by other mods or Creation Club homes.

The settlement added in the Automatron DLC does not use the default interior workbench, so a separate file needed to be made. (It's the optional file)

If you want an interior to act as a full settlement in regards to companions, settlers, and supply lines then you will still need a separate mod to do so.