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Diving into Dumpsters has never been so much fun! What will you find? Trash, probably. Or something else...

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Okay some dumpsters are containers, you can even build one. But some are static objects you cannot interact with, one side has a missing lid and you can see the trash inside right? I thought there must be some good stuff in there and I'd love to root around for mats and stuff, that bookshelf at home isn't gonna build itself. So I set about making those not empty but empty dumpsters not empty, and now you can loot them. See screenshots.

According to the CK there are around 80-100 (something like that, I wasn't counting) of these dumpsters in game, so I made a container out of a piece of trash and put this trash "container" inside every dumpster, (and in a few places around the dumpster if there was trash on the floor). I find it's best if you come across these dumpsters in normal gameplay and don't go looking for them as they are spread far and wide, just something to come across every once in a while. Although if you want to find some quick, there's three inbetween Shaw High School and West Roxbury Station.

The quality of loot can differ, but you're more likely to find lower priced than higher priced loot.

There's some unique trash I made myself, (that's what the BA2 file is for) as well as some things like tires and cardboard boxes that normally aren't things you can pick up. They all have their respective uses for workshop building with their materials. Tires = rubber, etc.

Three versions, vanilla, vanilla + FH, vanilla + FH + NW. I didn't make one for vanilla + NW, sorry. If you have NW but not FH, just use vanilla. There isn't that many dumpsters in the DLC's anyway.

To install do it manually or use NMM, or your choice of mod manager.

Right I think that's everything, don't cut yourself on a dirty needle or anything.