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A fix for those who can't get the quest "Taking Independence" to start.

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So after releasing my fix for Cait's personal quest, I received a couple of requests to see if I could do the same for "Taking Independence".  While I've never had a problem with this quest, apparently several people have had issues with the quest never actually starting after the appropriate dialogue.  So I did the same fix for this quest that I did for Cait.

Do not use this fix unless you have actually had the bug.

This mod forces the quest to start when the game loads, even if you are not at the appropriate point for it to do so.  I have no idea what the effects will be if you try to load the game with this mod activated at the wrong time and I don't care to find out.

If you ignore this warning not only will I not help you if you have problems, but I reserve the right to mock you for failing to follow instructions, say awful things about your family tree, have my way with your sister, and eat your dog with a nice chianti and some fava beans .  You have been warned.

Drag and drop, pretty simple.

Help!  Its not working!

Yes it is, but you might have to give it some help.  If after loading the mod the quest still won't start, use the console command.  "Startquest 3a457"

With this mod having forced all the necessary activators for the quest, the game should now recognize the console command and start the quest for you.