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Increases player damage on Survival Difficulty, to be an increase to 200% damage. (300% Optional)

This is similar to other hardcore modes in game like Metro, where player damage and enemy damage are both increased to increase realism.

This will make enemies less spongy, as the player now does more damage.

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Adjusts the player damage multiplier for Survival Difficulty to increase damage by 2 times normal difficulty damage, instead of increasing it to 1.5 normal.

I really hate how spongy the enemies feel, and how many bullets it takes to kill them. I don't want to play Borderlands. This makes Survival Difficulty much more similar to game like Metro, where damage is increased for both the player and enemies, making the game much more fun in my opinion. While the updated Survival mode was an improvement over vanilla, it still didn't do exactly what I wanted.

This will make the game easier obviously, but overall I think it's more fun to play a game where both sides have high damage.

There is an optional file which will change both the damage dealt by the player, and damage dealt by enemies, to 3x normal difficulty. This is similar to Skyrim's Legendary Difficulty, but with high player damage instead of low player damage.


  • Much more lethal combat, for players and enemies

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  • Compatible with everything

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