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Discover 14 new locations, all linked through a huge quest that leads you through the commonwealth. by doing so, find a new player's home, fight a new faction and be rewarded with some goodies:) sooo? what are you waiting for? download and follow the breadcrums to reveal the truth behind project phoenix.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • German

Version 1.7 
custom voice acting for sole survivor for mod related dialogues

Version 1.8
vanilla voice for sole survivor for mod related dialogues

still, some of funny statements got lost, and odd enough, no words for "transformation" or "sector" could by found by searching all 80k wav files...thus, there might be some limitations when it comes to "does the answer make 100% sense?" nevertheless, dialogues are still straight forward.

Version 1.9

starting with 1.9 only vanilla player voices are supported. If requested, I could patch it, though


as announced long time ago within my first ever made mod's description, i finally managed to complete a publishable version of the lore-friendly quest - hurray!

unfortunately, the quest and its surrounding got huge; too huge for a simple update - so my first mod seems to be obsulete. still, if you only want to get the player's home, i leave it online.

sooo, back to this one:

quest related plot:

Once upon a time, there lived some wierdo. he was so pleased with himself, that he began to think, that world and all its inhabitants should obey his command. fortunately, mankind was sane enough to ignore this ambitioned idiot. unfortunately, this idiot was one of the most wealthiest and networked guy in the days back in 2077. so he started to create a master plan to enslave mankind. only one thing existed he could not deal with: stoberness of human beings. even if he manages to enslave everybody, they would rather die than obey. and this very idea lead him to some evil thoughts...

quest related goodies:

  • 14/14 new interior/exterior cells
  • complete quest, split in 3 parts
  • a guided journey through the commonwealth, if you do not choose to fast travel:)
  • a new ammo type (including a recipe for your chemstation) => as a dedication to Immersion Science Team, please do not expect some overpowered goodies
  • complete new faction (including new textures for gauss rifle, t60 - PA, combat armor chest piece and a flag:D)
  • new faction added to random encounters
  • a new paint job for your T60 power armor
  • a new recipe for something that is already existing in game but not reproducable
  • voiced characters
  • boss fights
  • some funny stuff - if you have the patience, i would recommend to read all the notes and terminal entries
  • and last but not least, minimum 1 1/2 hours additional playing time

what you get for the player's home:

  • 1 interior cell for living, predecorated AND containing a fully functional workshop.
  • new meshes for workbenches (chem, armor, weapon, cooking) => shared container
  • light toggles for both rooms
  • scripted nurse station for health recovery
  • scripted boston map with 3 fast travel locations (dmnd city, sanctuary, glowingsea)
  • some loot :D
  • scrapable decoration items => this also includes the scripted stuff, if you delete the map, you also clean the activator
  • fully navmeshed for your favorite companion


what you need:

  • actually only fallout.esm/exe => i really sticked to vanilla - no other requirements (not even DLCs)


  • due to above statement, it should be compatible with almost everything, except for stuff that alters the same cells and:

  • ghoul & feralghoul faction are slightly modified in order to include the new faction. no other overwrites.

  • i am playing a heavily modded fallout 4 (around 200 plugins, 260 mods in total) and absolutely never experienced anything annoying related to this plugin. feel free to simply unload it and reload your save game for uninstallation
  • no lags or any CTDs experienced. running on i5 6500 and gtx 1060 3gb

  • comes as Data.7z, containing esp and the archives => simply download and install with your favorite mod manager (tested and working fine with NMM)

tools used:

  • CK for creating actually everything
  • FO4Edit for cleaning the stuff CK produced:D
  • Outfit Studio for meshes
  • notepad++
  • nifskope for finalization of meshes
  • BAE (BA2 - Extractor)
  • Audacity
  • material editor
  • gimp


  • all the amazing fellowers creating tools/tutorials/and this community - definitely impossible to have done this without
  • everybody who created a really cool game and came to the conclusion to release their devTool

  • to my super brother, who helped a lot by writing texts and story telling, voice acting and creating all the texture files for Sector V
  • to zwetschke for speaking the female part! - it was a hell of fun recording:D

still to do:

  • checking out feedback and ideas of you guys
  • once there is time, redo some of the voice acting:) if somebody volunteers, please PM me.
  • fix sandbox activation (see known issue)
  • setup supply lines => i tried hard, but failed. is there anybody out there, who knows how to setup supply lines to interior workshops?

as this is my first "real" mod, i really depend on your feedback!


  • if you uninstalled it, and want to reinstall, make sure you do this only on a clean save. quest related issues might occur otherwise.
  • same is valid if you have installed my old mod => make sure to uninstall it, load and save, install this one.
  • plus, as always, if you use items, that come with this mod for yourself or your followers, make sure to unequip/scrap before you uninstall and reload.

known issues:

  • one of the newly created NPC does not always want to join a settlement. seems like sandbox activation is kind of random... if it does not happen, don't be sad, you can visit him at the location anytime => if somebody please wants to help, just PM me
  • landscape messed up at west location => fixed since version 1.1
  • inaccessible door at west location => fixed since version 1.1
  • vanishing PA parts by repairing looted power armors => fixed since version 1.2

I play Creation Kit!

thanks for reading!


still valid:
out of scope for this mod:
-sending settlers to player's home; as this is somehow contradicting with the idea: should be a player home and not a parteyyy location