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Allows you to tune radios using the Pip-Boy.

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Usually, if you want a radio to play a different station, you have to build a different radio. But why? Can't you just, like, tune it to another station?!

Now, you can! Simply select your favorite station in the Pip-Boy, look at a radio, and select "Tune".
This should work on all vanilla and DLC-Added radios. I have also added an optional file containing a variety of new, compatible radios.

Mods which add custom radio objects won't work, unless I add compatibility. For this, I need the mod's filename and the radio's Form ID. Please post these in the comments. Alternatively, if you want to make a compatibility patch, add the keyword "pra_RadioTuneCompatKeyword" to the radio object.

This will conflict with anything which also adds a second activation option to radios.

I don't know what happens if you are using a mod which allows you to unequip a pip-boy. But probably you simply won't be able to tune radios.

Potential Issues
I don't know if radios you find in the wilderness will actually retain the new setting. I suspect they will revert to the original station, when the cell respawns.

The "Tune" activation option might not appear right away if you start a new game. If it doesn't, try saving and loading your game. Of course, it won't appear at all if you don't have a pip-boy yet.