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A ReShade preset with little to no impact on performance. Emphasizes and tones color, sharpens, and tones down the foggy aesthetic. Currently 4th on sfx.thelazy.net with 2175+ downloads.

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ReShade | SweetFX Preset


Currently 4th on sfx.thelazy.net with 2175+ downloads.

A ReShade preset I made for myself with the focus on emphasizing and toning color, sharpening the muddy textures/AA, and ridding the game of its overly foggy aesthetic.

Performance impact should be almost nothing as these are the simplest of effects, and I'd advise that you use the standard in-game TAA or FXAA, as SMAA is not enabled here.

Requires SweetFX 2.0 Preview 8 / Reshade 1.0.0 or newer - Download Here [Reshade.me]

I chose not to distribute this as it either is or was against their ToS as some point, and there's really no reason for it with a preset as basic as this. I may make this so you can drag and drop, though anyone that's used SweetFX knows what to do, and if you don't it would be useful for you to understand.

I didn't really think that ReShade presets belong on the Nexus as there's already sfx.thelazy meant for the exact purpose, but since everyone is doing it and a few users asked me to, I thought I'd join the party. That said, with the better feedback channels and the ability to host multiple files under one listing, I might make some alternate versions. I've been modding the game to be far more green that it was initially, so I've been meaning to start from scratch on another suiting the newer aesthetic. This first version has been listed as A (in the file and on sfx.thelazy), any new versions will feature other letters, with the version numbers meaning small adjustments without changing approach/style.

All screenshots have God Rays disabled. I personally disable DOF completely as well as I hate what it does when you ADS for longer than a second, but I hope one day we can enable it for only cutscenes and coversations. All the settings are at High or lower.


  • DPX


  1. Download Reshade+SweetFX from the link above.
  2. Open or Extract that archive, and run ReShade Setup.exe (all it does is copy the files and select/rename the appropriate .dll)
  3. Select your Fallout4.exe in its install directory andĀ proceed
  4. Drag my SweetFX_settings.txt into the SweetFX folder in that same directory, overwriting the original
  5. (Optional) Edit Global_settings.txt if you'd like to change the toggle hotkey or it's toggle behavior and starting state


ReShade by Crosire

SweetFX 2.0 Preview 8 by CeeJay.dk


My Fallout 4 Tweaking Guide

My Fallout 4 Item ID and Console Command Spreadsheet (It's been packed since I posted it, so you likely won't get anything but the basic HTML version)

My Modding Screenshot Album (Mod List near middle)


-Set Gamma to Default (was 1.180)

-Removed Bloom and Scaled Highlight Toning
For those who want more detail in highlights, mainly clouds in the sky, not as "blown out".